Greatest Letter Ever: Letter from a Public Defender.

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Greatest Letter Ever: Letter from a Public Defender.




In my state, Public Defenders handle felony matters. Worst of the worst my friend. Everything from drugs to homicide and everything in between.

A State Public Defender Attorney isn’t someone right out of law school that just passed the Bar Exam. You must be an experienced attorney with trial experience to be considered for these positions. They are coveted positions and the competition for them is extreme.

To illustrate my point, I found it shocking that so many big name private attorneys who took felony cases didn’t know what they were doing… they put on a big show. What did they do every time they get these cases and needed guidance? They quietly almost secretively come to their regional State Public Defenders Office and ask staff attorneys for help. It’s a well kept secret. Virtually all Public Defenders in my state are top criminal felony litigators. Money is no object if you get approved for a Public Defender. Polygraph experts, investigators, experts of all kinds and the pot of money for these derelicts never ends. No exaggeration.

Virtually all of our clients were black men and women. Even in a county or region that was mostly white. The crimes were always involving a victim or firearms rather than simply drug crimes where the State is the listed victim.

So I get assigned a client named XXX a black female accused of aggravated assault and armed robbery. She is looking at a max of 15 years in state prison. She claims the white victim was the one that actually violated her. Somehow she ends up with the victims cell phone and valuables and the victim is the one who ends up in the hospital. So she continually tells me the victim was a racist and didn’t like black people, somehow that justified assault and robbery. She demands a trial before a jury and somehow I get the jury to come back with a not guilty on all charges. She doesn’t even thank me and I say “Well you can at least say thank you I did put in a lot of effort and kept you out of prison.” Her response, “You white mother f*ck*rs don’t deserve a thank you what you need is a mother f*ck*n *ss beatin.” I said have a great life.

I get assigned a black male client name ZZZl. He is under arrest for armed robbery at a convenience store, I visit him in the county jail. He used a handgun and pistol whipped an Indian store owner and took all the cash after terrorizing him and beating him. His defense to this was “I ain’t do nothing, white mother f*ck*rs just need somebody to f*ck with.” I explained to him that I am trying to help him and would do everything I could. He continued to deny his involvement. I said “But the police grabbed you right down the street with a gun in your pants and the money in your pocket and you had the same clothes on as in the video” Then I had him watch a very very good quality surveillance video that clearly showed him during the entire extremely violent event. His response to me “That ain’t me and you mother f*ck*rs are trying to railroad me.” I tell him I am on his side and that I am going to have trouble explaining away this good video, the gun, the victim identification of him and the money in his pockets. He says “All ya’ll crackers can go to hell.” Real gratitude huh, nice to be appreciated. Enjoy your 20 years in State prison.

Then the next assigned client is YYYY, a black male in jail for homicide. He is accused of aggressively instigating an argument with a totally innocent teenager, comes back with a group and shoots and kills the kid. There is a co conspirator testifying against him and tons of physical evidence. I meet him in jail and tell him I am here to help. What are the first words out of his mouth? “Just what I need a cracker.” I go back to meet him later. Now I spend roughly 10 thousand dollars of taxpayers money on investigators and experts. The State offers him a plea bargain of only 20 years when he should be looking at life in prison. He says “F*ck their flea bargain it’s just because I’m black and they don’t like n*gge*s.” I say “George it isn’t a Flea bargain it’s a Plea bargain and your buddy is testifying against you and there’s a ton of physical evidence.” “We have spent over 10 grand of tax payers money on experts and all trying to help you.” His response… he goes off the deep end yelling “F*ck the taxpayers my mother f*ck*ng people were you f*ck*rs slaves.” I tell him “George my family didn’t come to America until 1939 and we were poor and didn’t have slaves.” Then he tries to assault me. Adios enjoy State Prison.

Then there is an assigned client named AAAAA who is charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder of an older white guy he was supposed to do yard work for. He didn’t do much work at all and threatened the white home owner anyway. The white home owner pays the full amount and puts the money in an envelope just to get rid of him. What does AAAAA do? He violently explodes and beats the older white man half to death, takes the money and leaves. I meet him in jail when I get copies of all the police reports and copies of the reports and evidence taken from AAAAA. I ask him what happened? AAAAA gets real angry and says “That white mother f*ck*r called me a monkey and wrote monkey on the envelope.” I pull out the copies and show him that the envelope copy clearly had the word “MONEY” written on it in big block letters not MONKEY.” His response…” F*ck you white mother f*ckers I’m just here because I’m black.” No remorse at all just an expression that white people deserve to be beaten and everyone is a racist. I immediately walked out of the jail and gave the case to someone else.

There are many many more, all the themes to me as a Public Defender were the same. A black client using up taxpayers dollars, it was a violent crime and they claimed everyone except them was a racist… including me. Their explosive brutality was shocking to most people but I had seen it all before. They all lacked any impulse control whatsoever and they got in close to their victims and exploded violently on them so the victim couldn’t react or defend themselves. When I say explosive violence I mean explosive. It was the same exact script over and over just the name of the client and the victim changed. If the victim was white, and they often were, somehow they deserved it and were lying. They were not humans they were just “White mother f*ck*rs or white crackers who had it coming.”

You couldn’t reason with them, the thinking just wasn’t there at all. It was just a huge pool of black men and women roaming the streets looking for an opportunity to victimize someone and the method was always violent brute force. Most of the old black people from these area were as good as gold. No criminal history whatsoever, they were genuinely embarrassed and mortified. Something went haywire somewhere down the line.

My wife would hear these stories and used to think it was safer for me doing this than on the street in my last job. It didn’t take long until she begged me to get out of it because I was going to get hurt or killed by one of these degenerates I was trying to help. I took her advice and never looked back after having to admit that it was like walking in an enclosure with wild tigers. Sooner or later if you have enough contact with them you are going to be a victim even if you were the only one in the world trying to help them.

These people saw their job as collecting welfare, free housing, utilities and getting food stamps. Oh I forgot, and brutally victimizing people for their own purposes which I soon saw wasn’t always financial. It was also clearly to violate non blacks who were seen as easy prey. None of them worked and most never ever had a job. Several generations on welfare because in their words “Yous peoples owes us.” I heard that time and time again.

If people in this country really knew the violent predators that are walking around in large numbers that are looking to literally beat them to death for no real reason at all they would board themselves up in their homes and never come out, this is not an exaggeration. The liberal news wont tell you this, your local politicians refuse to admit it or ever say it, and the police are accused by both sides as being the problem. They get a blip in the paper or on TV about the crime and that’s it. They never get to see the autopsy or hospital pictures of the victims, the bloody cloths or the scars.

Well my friend someone else can help perpetrate this charade because I refuse to. Sure I was upholding the Law but I couldn’t look the victims in the eyes, if they were still alive. Don’t start me on Criminal Justice Reform either. I’ll leave that for another day.

My dad is a real old school guy in his 70’s. Typical old type Italian. He is a Vietnam vet and did over 30 some years as a police officer. He got along great with blacks in our town and they all respected him in the old days. He always treated everyone like they treated him. One time a black guy was complaining and the old time black guy says if Chief AAAAA gave you an *ss whooping you must have deserved it.

Then one day in the winter there is this black family literally freezing in the winter with no food in the house with kids. Pop gets them food and some heating oil. Two months later while on a traffic stop this guy hits pop and leaves him in the road for dead. Yup the black guy he got food and oil for out of his own pocket. That’s a you’re welcome, isn’t it.

Last week we talk about the topic and he says “Son, the old days are gone. I am just too tired of trying to find a needle in a haystack with these people, I’ll just stay as far from them as I can and stay safe and keep what’s mine.”

A Public Defender no more.




About the Author

Colin Flaherty is an award winning reporter and author of the #1 best selling book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

His new book is Knockout Game a Lie? Aww, Hell No.

Both books are about black mob violence, black on white crime and the Knockout Game.

His work has appeared in more than 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine. His story about how a black man was unjustly convicted of trying to kill his white girlfriend resulted in his release from state prison and was featured on Court TV, NPR, The Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune.

Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Sean Hannity: White Girl Bleed a Lot “has gone viral.”

Allen West: “At least author Colin Flaherty is tackling this issue (of racial violence and black on white crime) in his new book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

Los Angeles Times: “a favorite of conservative voices.”

Daily Caller: “As the brutal “knockout” game sweeps across the U.S., one author isn’t surprised by the attacks or the media reaction. Colin Flaherty, author of the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How The Media Ignore It,” began chronicling the new wave of violence nearly a year ago — revealing disturbing racial motivations behind the attacks and a pattern of media denial.”

Alex Jones: “Brilliant. Could not put it down.”

Neal Boortz: “Colin Flaherty has become Public Enemy No.1 to the leftist media because of his research on black culture of violence.”

From the Bill Cunningham show. It is official: “Colin Flaherty is a great American.A wonderful book.” “Prescient. Ahead of the News. Garnering attention and sparking important discussions.”

David Horowitz: “A determined reporter, Colin Flaherty, broke ranks to document these rampages in a book titled, White Girl Bleed A Lot”


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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.