Des Moines Father Dead at Hands of Black Mob Violence

August 31, 2013 — 60 Comments


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Police are still trying to figure out why a black mob beat Richard Daughenbaugh to death at a popular downtown Des Moines fishing spot one week ago.

Daughenbaugh, a father of six who worked as a construction laborer, did not know his killers, say police. But at 1 a.m., he found himself exchanging words with members of a mob that numbered in the dozens.

The Des Moines Register picks up the narrative with a sterile account that understates the violence and ignores the race of the attackers:



The suspects allegedly beat Daughenbaugh using no weapons other than their own bodies while others in the group tried to stop anyone from helping, police said.

A woman fishing nearby tried to step in and stop the assault and was struck, police said. Her companion was attacked as he jumped in to defend her.

And when the woman tried to call 911, two women from the group allegedly grabbed her phone and threw it. She eventually retrieved it and called 911.

Translation: Several people attacked Daughenbaugh. Several people attacked the fishermen who tried to help. And several people attacked the people who tried to dial 911. And lots of others watched and cheered. All black

The Register picks it up again, quoting a police spokesman: “The phrase ‘mob mentality’ is probably accurate here. Once the assault began, acquaintances of the suspect jumped in.”

Richard Daughenbaugh joins a growing list of victims of recent black mob violence. Some lethal. In August, two black people were charged with the murder of 88-year old Delbert Berton in Spokane. A few days before, two black people were charged with the murder of Chris Lane, an Australian student living in Oklahoma. A few days before that, a car full of black people were charged with killingDavid Santucci , a 27-year old Memphis nurse.

A few days before that, Ray Widstrand was walking through a black section of St. Paul when a mob of 100 black people beat him into a coma and permanent brain damage. If he lives.

Last Monday, three black gunmen killed Greig Placette in a Denny’s restaurant in Houston. Placette died trying to shield several children from the gunfire.

Like Des Moines, local police officials and media are loathe to talk about the race of the attackers — or victims.

People who work for the police department in Des Moines have learned to be careful about how they refer to racial violence. The last one to do it got fired.

Her name was Lori Lavorato. She was the spokeswoman for the Des Moines police department during “Beat Whitey Night” at the Iowa State Fair in 2010.  When reporters asked her if the attackers were black and victims were white, she told the truth and said they were.

Soon after, she was fired: Sent down to traffic division. The Register reported:

Police commanders later said they found no credible evidence the fights were racially motivated.

”I had some real concerns with us making that leap and making a remark like that publicly,” (police chief) Bradshaw told The Des Moines Register in an Aug. 26 interview. “That’s a huge statement that, quite frankly, can provoke emotions on both sides of the issue.

”People are very sensitive to remarks like that, so I had some real grave concerns about us stepping out and I wanted to make certain that we were right to message the State Fair events that way.”

No evidence? Other than a police report — now Posted at Smoking Gun — saying the people were shouting “Beat Whitey Night?  Other than the fact that all the attackers were black and all the victims were white?  Other than the fact it happened several nights in a row?  Other than the fact is was on video?

There was “no evidence:” i.e. The attackers did not issue a press release carry signs with racial slogans prior to the attack.

The Iowa attacks are part of a nationwide epidemic of black mob violence: More than 500 cases in more than 100 cities documented in the upcoming WND Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

The book documents Beat Whitey Night and contains a QR code that enables readers to watch videos of the racial violence as they read about it in the book.

On Friday, police charged three black men with murder of Richard Daughenbaugh. They also issued warrants for several other people for theft and assault.

There are no charges pending on those who watched and laughed shouted encouragement.

The family of Richard Daughenbaugh unsuccessfully tried to make sense of the crime that took away a father, a friend, a husband, a neighbor. Residents of Des Moines wonder what kind of place their city has become.

Police issued warnings for residents to stay safe by walking in groups in well lit places.

“Are you serious?,” asked Larry Leighton at the WHOTV web site. “He WAS near a group of people. THEY’RE the ones who beat him!”

Several more questioned why the police chief and local press was so hesitant to identify the attackers by race: “Yet the black on white murder of Daughenbaugh is a “random” crime.,” said Greta Simmons. “Un-f*ing-believable.”

Some readers said anyone who noticed all the attackers were black and the victims were white is racist: “I see nothing in this article that makes me believe that they killed this man because he was white,” said Chris Doyle at the Des Moines Register. “They beat him to death because he was there and nothing more… You are no better then Jesse and Al when you point to race first.”

The got the full attention of many readers who wanted to know why the Register does not identify victims of black on white violence, but has not problem giving full exposure to allegations of white on black violence, as was the case of Trayvon Martin,

Said Greta Simmons: “What a bunch of liberal platitudes. These guys didn’t kill this man because they were poor. They did it out of HATRED, out of RACIAL ANIMUS. If poverty really breeds violence (that tired old Sociology 101 meme), why does Clay County, Kentucky–one of the poorest counties in the United States–have such a low murder rate? Could it be because it’s 93% white?”

These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:

‘Black mob violence’ – the forbidden words

Teen Admits to Stabbing 22-Year-Old Man to Death Because He ‘Had a Hard Day’ and ‘Wanted to Kill the First Person He Saw’ | Video |

Customer killed while protecting kids from gunmen in violent robbery at Denny’s restaurant in west Houston |

Black mob violence at carnivals and fairs.

White Girl Bleed a Lot at WHO in Iowa with the @amtalker – Epidemic of black mob violence: White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Was “Beat Whitey Night” Really About Race? | Opinion – Conservative

“Beat Whitey Night” At Iowa State Fair | The Smoking Gun
Beat Whitey Night Video:






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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank GuateNY says:

”I had some real concerns with us making that leap and
making a remark like that publicly,” (police chief) Bradshaw told The
Des Moines Register in an Aug. 26 interview. “That’s a huge statement
that, quite frankly, can provoke emotions on both sides of the issue.

”People are very sensitive to remarks like that, so I had some real
grave concerns about us stepping out and I wanted to make certain that
we were right to message the State Fair events that way.”

This POS, sorry excuse for a police officer and chief, would rather not upset a minority group than protect people from racist violence? WTF? A mindset like this is part of the reason why we are reverting back to a third world country

crazy , huh?

blank GuateNY says:

I have to say, you are a brave man. You are the only one actually covering this topic and explaining it for what it is. I am amazed that the media will not report some of these incidents or focus on the racism of these attacks.

Keep up the good work.

blank leftists are delusional says:

Telling the truth is not a good career move for a police chief.

blank unclebarry says:

My You Tube has NOT worked since MAY—4 months ago. I made repeated complaints to You Tube with nary a response. Suddenly my You Tube began to work this week. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it DOES NOT WORK ON ANY OF THE VIDEOS IN THIS ARTICLE. Something tells me that I am going to have SELECTIVE YOU TUBE. No controversial videos allowed. Seriously.

blank laura says:

occassionally my youtube does not work @ all. it usually is an application problem. sometimes some vids work others dont @ random, not related to any paticular topic. in any event, i have been afraid that youtube will remove colins vids, in the future. there is much related material on youtube, it is the only venue we have.

blank unclebarry says:

That’s what I’m thinking. “They” got us on their radar so they play with our YT.

blank laura says:

dont get into drama, none of us are on thier radar. believe me, i myself have gotton paranoid in the past. tried sending controversial vids, youtube said “you have sent your limit, try again later” i thought it was a conspiracy. so i tried sending recipes cooking demo vids, same reply “try later”. i was relieved. they let you send like 2 or 3 vids, then you wait like 40 minutes. i think the site is busy. my fear is that they may remove black on white crime, anti muslim. we will see what happens. regards, laura

blank unclebarry says:

Laura I appreciate your feedback. Really. Maybe I’m not on their radar. The fact is, my UT had e NOT worked since May. Not working on my windows desktop And not on my Android phone & tablet. Tried to follow all directions@ the Help site. Nothing. You have no idea how frustrated I am. My problem not

blank laura says:

i know nothing of these contraptions, have zero tech knowlege. there is no reason why I COULD see the vids & you couldnt, theres a techinal explaination. i have seen so many controversial vids/sites, i could be arrested. nazi sites, KKK, you name it. im sure my jihad sites are not a problem, (haha), i get spam in arabic. once my sound wouldnt work on all vids. the mac person downloaded another application or what ever it was. if ALL vids wont work for you, its a tech problem. im sure cooking shows, oprah were not working as well? if youtube is cherry picking, then i would wonder.

blank Mark Pickett says:

Racist its just the first step in destroying the 1st Amendment we have be come to thin skinned in this country and its time it stops. we were founded on justice for all, is not when you have hate crimes thats justice for a select few repeal hate crime laws now before we lose all our rights

blank boater175 says:

She is not a sir, she fired the nicest lady you would ever want to meet, because she said this might be a racist attack. Judy should be fired. Wake up people, might be time for cowboys and n—–s

blank MrHomesteader says:

The plague is spreading from the inner cities to engulf us all. There will be no acknowledgement of it in the legacy media or our elite elected officials (who often have security, don’t travel in jeopardized areas and who live in gated and guarded communities) because of political allegiances or the fear of being labeled … fill in the blank…. No help is coming ….

blank John Smith says:

The liberal bias in journalism is well established and empirically verified in scholarly peer reviewed studies. The result is disingenuous reporters and reporting.

blank turnit says:

If there are white reactions and counter-measures, “Pay back is a bitch”.

blank Timewarped says:

These are most likely Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City Niggas who haver been imported into Iowa to swing the elections.

blank Timewarped says:

All I have to say is that if Blacks are willing to kill each other over next to nothing then how much more so are they going to be willing to kill non-blacks. Anyone who believes that ignorant, stupid, druggie “street” blacks are not raciest is too damn stupid to know crap from crap. American blacks are the most raciest people in the world, they are given a forum, the motivation and profit in life to be so. People are going to have to start laying traps for these animals and giving them what they seemingly want to give others

blank David Lef says:

It is the media who think we are all cattle, they wish to lead and be included in the ranks of the “Elite” progressives. They actively participate in the destruction of traditional morals and values, how else can they spread their agenda except through lies of omission?

blank laura says:

unfortunatly most people are cattle. they repeat what they hear, mindlessly. take care of yourself, thats all you can do.

blank hds135 says:

99% of animals hunt in packs. If one of the pack is attacked by the prey, the pack — because of its inherent cowardly nature — flees, and leaves one if its own to die. These subhumans are no different. They WILL NOT behave or commit any of these violent acts while alone. They are cowards.

blank laura says:

sorry to inform you: they were some horrific crimes in NYC. none of these were groups of blacks but single men. killings for no reason, muggings w/violence. rapes. all black or latino men btw.

blank DannoDISQ says:

“provoke emotions on both sides of the issue” ?

Ah, doesn’t he mean on the attackers’ side? Obviously this freak doesn’t care ABOUT THE EMOTIONS ON THE VICTIMS’ SIDE !!!!!!

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

If they weren’t attacked because of their race why does their race matter?

the point of the book and the articles is this: there is an enormous of amount of black mob violence. WAY WAY WAY out of proportion. just because people are not carrying signs does not mean race has nothing to do with it.

blank osteomed says:

I hate to think that these black mobs feel emboldened by a black president and a black AG, who are both, not addressing this very real issue in our country.
Why are President Obama and AG Holder, not addressing this issue?

blank hds135 says:

‘Cause they don’t give a F______K. Were you serious when asking that question? If so, you are part of the problem in this country. Open your F______KING eyes, and wake the F_____K up!

blank laura says:

they are not addressing the issue because they are creating the issue.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

There’s also a gang problem in America. Take into account that most gangs are formed by minorities and there you go…

So like, once again, if the people attacked weren’t attacked strictly because of their race why does their race matter? This looks like it’s about gang violence. Race didn’t really seem to be the issue here.

So like, I understood your “point”. The point that I’m making is that it’s kind of irrelevant when the REAL problem is gang violence.

blank Old Hickory says:

It’s funny how some people will do ANYTHING to avoid facing reality. If there was a gang problem, we’d see 8x the number of blacks being beaten by white mobs as vice versa. Instead the violence is nearly 100% black criminals and white victims. The failure to test your hypothesis in the most basic way possible tells me you’re looking for an excuse, not an explanation.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

… your logic quite literally makes 0 sense. Let me explain to you why it makes no sense by showing you some numbers. According to the “Color of Crime” report done by the New Century Foundation ( only 10% of all gang members are white. Blacks and Latinos are 16x and 19x (respectively) more likely to join a gang than a white person.

So your idea of “if there was a gang problem, we’d see 8x the number of blacks being beaten by white mobs as vice versa”is literally wrong… Your ignorance is underwhelming…. Perhaps you should have just researched the subject like the rest of us before jumping in.

But regardless, what do you suppose we do about the violence?

Do you actually care about the violence problem or do you just want to go around hollering “BLACKS ARE VIOLENT”… if that’s the only point you’ve come here to make… alright… a couple hundred commenters on this post have already made that point. So why are speaking at all?

The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is one. Do you actually care about solving the problem at all or do you just want to let everyone know that black people are violent? If that’s the only thing you actually care about… alright, you’re more than welcome to do that. I won’t even attempt to hinder you from doing that…

But uh, if that’s literally all you came here to do please don’t respond to my comments.

blank Old Hickory says:

You’re telling me not to say the exact thing you are saying in a roundabout way with circular “logic” You’re central thesis is that blacks are more inclined to join criminal gangs but that doesn’t mean blacks are more criminal. It’s like you’re twisting your brain into a pretzel to deny the obvious. Are you actually deluded enough to believe that there ISN’T a problem of black violence? Are you so brainwashed that you feel a visceral need to attack someone else for pointing it out?

If we really want to stop the mob attacks the first step is to encourage citizens to carry and also assure them that they will never be prosecuted for shooting in self-defense – especially against a mob attack. Make examples out of the next mob attackers that can be identified on video. Cops need to break up groups loitering anywhere near pedestrians. That would do for a start.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

Are you stupid? You must be.

I never once said that blacks weren’t “more criminal”… I was offering an explanation as to why blacks are “more criminal”… *facepalm*

I actually specifically recall saying that your point was true, and that your point had already been made by hundreds of other commenters: “Do you just want to go around hollering “BLACKS ARE VIOLENT”… if that’s the only point you’ve come here to make… alright… a couple hundred commenters on this post have already made that point.”…

You came on my post attacking me for claiming that I was “avoiding the problem” when, in actuality, I was attempting to provide a logical explanation for the problem.

Also: Americans have a constitutional right to assemble wherever they please. So rather than fixing the problem on the surface (carrying a gun so you can shoot when it happens/ telling kids they can’t hang out in certain places) shouldn’t we attempt to solve the deeper problem? As in figure out why it exists in the first place and then do something about this?

I want a real solution, not a temporary solution. Sorry.

blank Old Hickory says:

What you’re doing is attempting to divert the blame from the people responsible onto an inanimate object (gangs). And you’re wrong. You’ve obviously never tested your hypothesis. If it were true, the racial pattern of crime would be dramatically different for non gang-related crimes. Is it? I think everybody knows the answer. So again you’re employing sophistry looking to divert blame.

And putting fear into criminals or those considering crimes is the best and most permanent solution there is. It’s proven and effective. I’m sure you’ve got some other “blame society” BS in your so-called “solutions” but show me something that’s actually effective and we can talk.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

“Proven and effective” got any… proof?

blank Old Hickory says:

This isn’t about constitutional rights. Any group acting in a threatening manner should be dispersed and the leaders arrested. That’s NOT peaceable assembly. It worked with the Klan and it will work with black racists as well. Anyone assaulting individuals as part of a group SHOULD fear being shot. You’re so bigoted that you see self-defense and colorblind crime-fighting as terrorism and unconstitutional oppression.

You’re not offering solutions, merely criticizing what others say. So it’s pretty hard to take anything you say seriously.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

Are you even reading my comments? You say I’m not offering any solutions and I LITERALLY SAID AT THE END OF MY COMMENT: “And I actually don’t have any umbrella solution to the problem, which is why I like to engage people in discussions on the topic. I’m not here to preach my beliefs to you, and I hope that you’re not just here to preach your beliefs to me. I’m here to discuss a problem and talk about possible solutions.”

*facepalm* Alright, since you can’t take me seriously stop replying to my comments. I’m sick of repeating myself.

blank Old Hickory says:

At this point I’m replying to point out the idiocy of your thinking so people will see you for what your really are – a racist. You keep trying to silence one of the few voices out there that will tell the truth about the extent of crimes committed by black racists against whites and other races. Why so desperate to censor the truth. If you want to live in a fantasy world where these crimes go virtually unreported there are a wide variety of media sources out there that will make you feel a lot more comfortable by lying through omission.

And I will keep replying as I please. Maybe you’re just an arrogant sod who thinks he has a right to dictate other people’s speech. Seeing as how you’ve essentially told both Colin and me to shut up, I’m guessing your fragile little ego can’t handle contradiction. That would certainly explain your penchant for largely avoiding any logical debate. You ignore most of what I say and then wildly mis-characterize the rest. But that’s exactly what I’d expect from a pseudo-intellectual who has no factual foundation for his beliefs and acts like a religious fanatic when they are questioned.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

Who am I trying to silence? You sound so stupid right now. Jesus Christ. I get to dictate other’s speech? What on earth are you talking about?

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

I told you to shut up if all you are going to do is repeat what has already been said by hundreds of other people on this very article, and dozens of other articles. *facepalm*

No factual foundation for my beliefs?

What exactly are my beliefs? That there is a gang problem in America? Are we actually going to debate that…?

Like what?

blank Old Hickory says:

The fact is that you told me to shut up. Prima facie evidence that you’re just trying to silence me. Either that or you don’t understand English. If you don’t want to hear the truth about black racist crime, there are hundreds of media outlets that will gladly cater to your desire to remain ignorant.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

Oh the irony.

blank laura says:

so many criminals have been arrested many times. also let out of prison, on the streets committing more crimes. you need to count to ones on the loose as well.

blank laura says:

stop looking @ whites to “solve” your problems. ask the black community. the most we can do is protect ourselves. end of case.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

My problems?

blank laura says:

no not your problem either. unless you live w/in a dangerous community. then you can go to meetings, figure out how to protect yourself. black on black crime, hello? if you live in a good area, crime may still affect you too. unless ofcause they are polor bear hunting, then they choose white. hope this explains it.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

Lmfao, but that’s the thing. I quite literally live in the safest town in America (not hyperbole… literally…). So like, black on black crime isn’t really something I need protecting from.

But just for shits and giggles, how do you propose I “protect myself”?

blank laura says:

you answered your own question about protecting yourself: you dont have too.

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

Well there we have it. LOL

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

I don’t live in the ghetto, so I fail to see how these are my problems, but okay.

blank osteomed says:

Ok Subtle Stoner, how about this… THEY can only solve own problems. Don’t look to society at large to cure the problems of the ghettos. We tried in different ways before, all have failed.
How do you cure the black man, impregnating black women, then leaving his situation he created, only to move on and repeat his mistake again and again, w/ different women?

How do you cure the irresponsable black man and the situations he creates that costs society more of its treasures… welfare, jails, low or no income housing, etc. And these problems made worst by a political party who claims to champion their situation yet as a whole, this demographic hasn’t advanced?

How do we cure the black women’s urge to roll herself into the single mother situation. Sometimes w/ 3-6 babies, all w/ different fathers?

How do you cure the fact that their are no male role models in the ghettos for the children to emulate and model themselves after?

blank TheSubtleStoner says:

Kill them all.

blank laura says:

many of the crimes are not “gang” related. vicious girls attack, black college boys attack, friends hanging around together attack (no organized gang). this is in addition to gangs. there you go i have covered he bases.

blank BlueInfantry says:

”I had some real concerns with us making that leap and
making a remark like that publicly,” (police chief) Bradshaw told The
Des Moines Register in an Aug. 26 interview. “That’s a huge statement
that, quite frankly, can provoke emotions on both sides of the issue.

”People are very sensitive to remarks like that, so I had some real
grave concerns about us stepping out and I wanted to make certain that
we were right to message the State Fair events that way.”


Note to Chief Bradshaw: The people that you SERVE do not like being lied to, and you sir, are a liar. You put fair goers, particularly white fair goers, in danger with your politically correct lies of omission. Try being honest. It goes a long way…

you happen to be CORRECT SIR!

blank gahanson says:

The police must think we are all stupid.

blank invalidnametwo says:

Um, considering who made it to squat in the Whitehouse a second time, the police probably aren’t too far off?

blank Robert Tulloch says:

Time to go armed to paces these mobs hang an d start shooting.

blank mmercier0921 says:

Always carry 17 imi hollowpoints and two backup magazines when out fishing.

If a crowd that large can stomp you dead in remote, I can shoot them dead, in remote.

Probably have more troubles policing brass than sleeping.