The Big deal on racial violence at the University of Houston.

February 27, 2014 — 2 Comments

The University of Houston student newspaper says Hoorah for Google for trying to black articles about black mob violence.

Google justified in blocking ads on “hate speech” website – The Daily Cougar

No Big Deal.

But here is the Big Deal Part: Today, every time someone denies the existence of black mob violence at epic levels, tons and tons of people take to the pages to set them straight.

At the Daily Cougar, 20 people did.

At the Los Angeles Times, it was over a 1000.


Someone even posted this video:  This is from South Philadelphia High School and when people ask me what was the worst case of black mob violence, I tell them about how black students assaulted, tortured and beat Asian students on a daily basis.


And the school officials ignored it, excused it, and even blamed it on the Asian students.



Damn that was bad.


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blank Terence Sommer says:

Thanks. I just turned two new people onto this web sight. It’s sad, because I know black people who are awsome, but still, these truths must come out.

thanks…nothing to be sad about. be happy: we are liberating people and the word is getting out.