Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley. Today. New York Times video.

June 3, 2013 — 14 Comments

No apologies.

No regrets.

One Big Lie: From the New York Times:



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Colin Flaherty

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank Black Panther says:

Wow you people are super duper racist!!! It makes me sick to my stomach!! Crackers crack!! And devils will always remain devils. Shaking my head!! Just cause a court deemed her story a hoax doesn’t mean the court is the word or authority on absolute truth in this country. But white people believe anything that White Robed Justices say!!! And when there are a group of people who kill each for no apparent reason does it not remind you of the mafia? So black people are not the only ones who kill each other. Look at your history!! Your History cause your history is yours and not black people’s history. Jealous fools!!

Though puzzled why NYT gave Sharpton so much airtime in this feature, at least the piece emphasized — and ended on a similarly emphatic note — that the Brawley debacle was a fraud. I am pleased with that fact because I had been a victim of the heightened agitation that Sharpton & Co. helped stir in and around New York City. Though it indirectly corresponded with the Brawley hoax and other anti-white sentiments brewing at that time, my case was a direct consequence of the “You’re a racist” bandwagon that many minorities increasingly were jumping on back in the day.

Consequently, my particular encounter with false accusations of anti-black racism unintentionally stayed hidden in the shadow of such high-profile cases in the late 80s/early 90s period.

In sum, a black, retired New York City police officer shot me in 1990 as I was directing traffic as a “special patrolman” for a Public Safety entity that, for now, will remain unnamed. A jury fell for the shooter’s claim that he was the victim of a racially motivated attack, subsequently acquitting him of attempted murder.

He then leveraged that acquittal and stepped up the rhetoric, suing me in federal court and accusing me and many others (including NY State Attorney General Abrams) of bringing about conditions that led to a “campaign of harassment” against the shooter and “other persons of color.” He demanded $10 million in damages, but fortunately the federal jury saw through the facade. After a four-year period that nearly destroyed me, I was vindicated.

As someone in the Times video said, baseless claims of racism ruin it for those who truly are victims of actual racist acts. People of all colors must denounce such false claims when they occur.

Whew! That is a crazy story. But just about everything surrounding race in this country is quite capable of getting real crazy real fast.


blank Arlinda DeAngelis says:

They were Dickensian in their avarice and greed. Tawana, a homely, troubled, abused, pathological liar, who lived in a plastic bag for days in the backyard of her former home became a gold mine for a trifecta of vicious racists …. two shysters and a snake oil reverend. Attorneys Maddox and Mason were disbarred for defrauding their poor black clients and for embezzling churches and charities. The minister Sharpton spent more time in his New Jersey mansion spreading “snake oil” on underage black prostitutes then he did spreading the gospel to the faithful. In exchange the underage prostitutes transmitted their HIV infections to the greedy minister. Sharpton is being treated by a partnership of physicians whose New York City practice is devoted exclusively to treating Aids patients. The remark made by BO about Al’s weight was rather “remarkable” in light of his disease ….. dramatic weight loss is one of its symptoms. Although the courts discredited Tawana, the NAACP rewarded the teenage bigot with a college scholarship for her litany of racist lies violating the organization’s raison d’etre ….. stopping racism!!!! Barry Harrison Barack Soetoro Bounel Obama’s race baiting, hate mongering, deception, power lusting, binge spending have transformed a once prosperous democratic republic of smart self reliant resourceful hardworking people into a nation of bankrupt dependent tolerant imbeciles who quietly ceded him the presidency in a coup on election day November 2012. He was aided and abetted by Chief Justice Roberts who violated the Supreme Court’s rules for rendering opinions in his eureka tortured opinion that Pelosi/Obama Care was a tax and not a penalty even though the language of his decision was nowhere to be found in the legislation before the court. The language in the legislation specifically said “it is not a tax.” According to the Supreme Court’s own rules an opinion cannot redefine the language already written in the bill opining that the word “penalty means tax” as Roberts said when what was written in the legislation states “it is not a tax.” Roberts would keep his illegally adopted children forbidden under Ireland’s law to be removed from Ireland in exchange for bankrupting his country, violating his oath of office, betraying the other Justices who had assurance that he would declare the health bill unconstitutional. Obama’s illegal use of the IRS against those of us who disagreed with him was a chilling demonstration of how much power the WH could use against the electorate and his passivity as our ambassador and those who tried to save him died in the streets of Benghazi at the murderous whims of the Islamofascist pigs. The Ayatollah Obama went to bed early and silently so his election visit early the next morning to the pole dancing Beyonce and rapper husband J Z would be touted and covered in the media like he was a cool rock star unblemished by dead and dying Americans bleeding on the streets of Benghazi who’d begged for help while the president slept securely and comfortably in the lap of luxury protected by fighter jets patrolling the skies, a phalanx of secret servicemen armed with assault weapons surrounding the WH inside and out. They died waiting for help deliberately abandoned by a traitor who sent them to the violent and explosive Benghazi without security, without weapons and without hope. This is what we, the people, re-elected to protect our interests and our lives. We’ve lost our political minds and the courage we once had.

There are some smart and articulate people at this site!!! Thanks for posting. Colin

Oh boy, I remember this like it was yesterday (altho I may reluctantly give away my age 🙂 Sharpton was a loudmouthed bigoted anti-white racist then and he still is today. It was he and Jesse Jackson who stuck their noses into the Trayvon Martin shooting months (am not sure exactly when the shooting occurred) after it happened. With the “Stand Your Ground law in effect in the state, George Zimmerman was basically going to walk away unscathed from prosecution. THEN, guess who rides up on their racist band-wagons, stirring things WAY up, portraying Martin as an innocent black boy (photos of him around 11 or so plastered all over the MSM), and portraying George as this racist thug out looking for trouble. While mention of this is not the subject of the NYT video, it has parallels to the Brawley case. Most importantly, Al Sharpton.

I threw my TV out about six years ago. However, I need not have to explain to you Colin, thankfully. I followed a link from somewhere that took me to MSNBC’S website where I discovered (with eyes bulging and mouth agape) they had given Al Sharpton his own SHOW!! I was flabbergasted! Still am actually, can’t stand the sight of him (AND his buddy the moronic President Blame-a-Lot). They both have one thing in common, they LIE. To perpetrate their agenda.

While I am still outraged (to a much lower extent of course) over the HOAX that was the Tawana Brawley case, seeing this NYT video of the accusations that were being thrown about by Sharpton, Jackson, and Brawley herself, makes ME want to get on that bullhorn and call them all media whores, (sorry, trying to be ladylike but I gotta say it how I see it) who hate whites, yet are the FIRST to play the race card when a Trayvon Martin or Tawana Brawley incident ignites their racism.

BUT, where’s the media when all these black mobs, counted in the 100’s, attack, rape, or even kill someone who is not black. Where did I hear about this, because the media isn’t reporting it? I heard about it from YOU Colin. Thank God for that, and you because it has made me ever vigilant in my surroundings, and passing it on to family and friends.

“Justice for Trayvon” was the excuse in the beginning but their numbers are escalating at a disturbing rate, and hurting many, many people. With NO CONSCIENCE or care about the value of human life. It’s like animal pack mentality, and they are even killing each other, destroying their own neighborhoods. Hell, cats and dogs who may be periodically kenneled by their owners know enough to not ‘use the bathroom’ where they sleep for God’s sake!

Am I rambling? I think I may have started to. This topic, this Brawley/Sharpton stir up some not so great emotions. Understandably, since we are being targeted by mobs of blacks, tho have lost our First Amendment to speak OUR piece while every single group/race/nationality/NOT WHITE can say whatever the hell they want. But YOU are saying what a lot of us don’t have the guts to. Out of fear, retaliation, there’s many reasons. I AM trying to speak my mind however, in light of my discovery of your writings. At my age, being a grammie to two beautiful grandbabies, I worry. Thank God my son and his wife are great parents, with a lot of common sense. It helps when one is living in a sweet small little town sheltered by places like Baltimore where I had to drive to work everyday. I also think my age has made me much wiser (never thought I’d finally reach the age to say that!) and have earned the right to say whatever I damm-well please.

I gotta stop before eyes glaze over. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work you are doing. I share a lot of your columns on WND. Plan on getting your book but need to wait. Am on fixed Social Security Disability and a small pittance from my former employer so have to work around that, but it’ll be soon. I would love you to autograph one for me when I do, probably next week.

Bless YOU!!

now that is what i call a letter. send me your address, i’ll make sure you get a book…colin

blank Lily says:

So Sharpton will not say either way, that Tawana scammed everyone. He says the girl was missing for 4 days, so something did happen. He still wants to pin it on a racial crime rather than a juvenile delinquent narcissist, and mentally unbalanced girl (Tawana). I cannot believe that someone with these type of mental issues is even allowed to work as a nurse, and be close to patients.

blank Colin Flahety says:


blank Black Panther says:

Colin u suck!!! White devils

blank reason1984 says:

Remember Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian. The legacy media’s reponse to their gruesome racially motivated murders…crickets. I challenge anyone to read an account of their murders and not get sick to your stomach.

The ignoramus we all know as the race-baiting reprobate, Al ‘not so’ Sharpton, has blood on his hands and a date with karma.

blank reason1984 says:

PS: Am I the only one to see a striking resemblance in facial features, between Ms. Brawley and a young Jesse Jackson?

blank Colin Flahety says:

I Wrote about that case a year ago…. If memory serves, one of the people responsible just got a new trial. People in Knoxville still very pissed off about those murders.