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Being white in Baltimore.

Just got this note and video from a fan of White Girl Bleed a Lot in Baltimore.

I’m seeing a lot more cases of victims of racial violence getting arrested when the complain.



Another letter from Baltimore:


Sadly, the Baltimore bus story does not surprise me in the least.

I used to live in Baltimore (circa 2003-2005), and as a white woman, it was pretty clear that I was not welcome on the bus.

Once I had a group of  three twenty-something woman force me off, and on another occasion I had a woman (black) sitting behind me tell her friend she was going to follow “white girl” (me) off the bus wherever I got off and beat me up (she did not).

My offense? Paying my fare and riding quietly on the bus.

On a separate occasion we had to have police meet us at the final station, as a black woman was threatening another white woman for daring to sit down in the seat adjacent to hers without asking permission first.
The bus drivers did nothing to intervene in any of these instances.

Letter from Baltimore.

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This letter is in reaction to this crazy story out of Baltimore:

First the story, then the letter.

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to say thank you the amazing work you are doing in this area. I also appreciate your being one of the few eloquent voices speaking truth to stupid today about this painful issue we all deal with every day.

This sort of thing is so commonplace in our society and what’s worse…it’s tolerated and acceptable by a vast majority. All of this only hurts humanity and keeps us from the peace that most of the human race long for on a daily basis.

I’m sorry to say I live in Baltimore (born and raised) and my family and I experience this type of thing every single day.

I was also a victim of something similar happening to me as a teenager. I was attacked by a gang of black kids, while coming home from middle school on public transportation.

And of course got nowhere when going to police, and the MTA for justice. It’s really sad this has been tolerated for so long and our rights are pretty much taken away.

Yet, we have to be so sensitive in our manner of speech, behavior, while others take liberties that no person should be able to take and inflict serious injury on other human beings.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again. I’ve seen very few journalists and writers with the chops to speak out on this issue and it makes me happy to know that you are on the case.

Hopefully, this will open people’s eyes and create an opportunity for us to address this injustice. Well done sir, take care and God bless Colin.

Warmest Regards,


Black mob violence is no surprise to this reader. Or anyone who read White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Well. Did you?

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Read it now. Order here.

Read it now. Order here.

Chicago Flash Rob: Why so sorry for the Predators?

Why do people get it confused so often: Who are the predators. Who are the victims?




Some stories are too crazy too believe. That is why I had to watch this video ten times before saying to myself: ‘Damn, I thought that was too crazy to be true. I was wrong. It is true.



cover new TheKnockoutGame_HighRes_05In Ferguson, black mobs scream death threats at police. “Racism,” they say.

While black mobs throw Molotov cocktails and claim they are victims, black mob violence proceeds around the rest of the country.

A new article from 


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Read it now. Order here.

Racial violence and deceit in Philadelphia. Again.

It just does not stop: The violence. or the denial. Feast your eyes on this Knockout Game from the city of brotherly love.




Lots of black on gay violence: Gay media terrified to talk about it.

But you would already know that if you had read White Girl Bleed a Lot, right ?Here are two recent examples: From the New York Daily News.

NYPD releases video of suspects in Brooklyn hate crime attack

Brooklyn man screams wield off attack.





cover new TheKnockoutGame_HighRes_05The GunsSaveLives web site figured it: Polar Bear Hunting is Back.

First time you ever heard of Polar Bear Hunting? Then you need to read the new e-book and video: Knockout Game a Lie? Aww, hell no.

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Am I getting too grumpy?

October 15, 2014 — 4 Comments

I just received this letter from a fan in Tennessee:



 Hi… quick question. What is the origin of the name “White girl bleed a lot”? Im assuming one of the savages were mocking a bleeding white girl. I am just curious.

I am a fan, follow you on Facebook and subscribe to your news letter. Thanks for speaking up. Lots of people feel the same way but are scared to share their feelings out of fear of the new scarlet letter “R” (RACIST).

Thanks for your time and keep fighting the good fight.

Nashville, TN
I told him to buy the damn book. I think he was hurt:

Wow… Ok sorry. I plan to buy it but money is tight and work hours are long. Nevermind. Sorry to bother you sir.


So … what would you have done?