Letter from Two Minnesota Night Clubs

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Letter from Two Minnesota Night Clubs


Yep. Growing up around Minneapolis, that bar security guy is exactly right. When living in Coon Rapids, I warned bar owners, if they started appealing to blacks, they would see violence and would be out of business within the years. Both bars were wildly popular.

The first was Time Out…  https://www.twincities.com/2006/12/23/bouncer-dies-after-blaine-bar-brawl/

They went out of business shortly after.

The other was Coon Rapids Sports Bar and Grill. My fave bar of all time. They started playing black music and soon enough blacks started swamping them. Harassed all the women out and all the decent employees quit because they were sick of the non tipping or just flat out not paying.
Then the fights. I lost a tooth walking to my car after a bunch of blacks started attacking everyone. What was the answer to being people back? Free taco night. Yup, you’re shaking your head. More free stuff. They were out of business within months after that…

I could go on and on. I finally moved 3 hours north of that City. Lol. Within days of me moving, yes days (I moved the month this article was written), a huge black mob fight broke put at the new and very popular movie theater down the street from my old home of 20 years.


On an earlier occasion, it was set on fire. Same suspects, didn’t even hit the paper nor did the theater even bother pursuing them. I guess they didn’t want the bad publicity making a few black kids angry. After all, whites will just pay it through higher insurance premiums…

The big picture? Coon Rapids is vastly white. Only a small amount of blacks in a once quiet suburb cause incredible amounts of havoc. Less than 6% black today and this has been going on for years.


Then again, blacks are about 6% of the states population yet commit half of the murders here. On a side note, 20 years ago they were soaking up over a third of our total welfare dollars.  Not once is any of this ever talked about in the media. 

Blacks are single handedly destroying this state. Minnesota “nice” thinks throwing more money at them, giving them positions of power in government (You should look at how overrepresented they are, it is insane), apologizing for their crime, etc, is somehow going to win them over to liking white people. In 30 years of this disaster, nobody has even kind of changed from this position. 

You should do a story on the collapse, rebuilding and remodeling, and then collapse and then bulldozing of the Brookdale Mall… Yep, the fellas came in. Stealing, fighting, harassing. Then they thought spending millions to remodel was the answer. Nope, demographics.

Hell, we hit national news for all the robberies happening on Coon Rapids Boulevard during the housing boom which brought in a ton of blacks due to the government just throwing loans at them.

After the foreclosures happened and those same blacks left, the robberies stopped. Weird, I just can’t get my head around it…

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