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Letter from Alexandria schools


Hi Colin,


The officials in my little town of Alexandria, VA keep lowering into new depths of the cause.


Two years ago, the only local high school — TC Williams, which apparently had PC priorities in the Titans movie that didn’t match reality — attempted that anachronistic action called discipline. Note that students — at least one of whom also happened to be part of ‘Alexandria’s Tenants and Workers United’ (I guess the 4-H was full up) — blame the school for not getting at root causes, indicating the rule giving rights to pass or fail a student “is symptomatic of a larger issue with the school’s focus on punitive, rather than restorative, justice”, and “is part of a disciplinary mindset that unfairly targets minorities.” They “expressed support for a ‘restorative justice’ model.”


This year, here is the full bloom after four years of “gradually implementing restorative practices at T.C. Williams High School”. Headline: “Suspensions Suspended in Alexandria — Restorative practices in city schools.”


“The effect has been a reduction in out-of-school suspensions (OSS). Across ACPS, there were 988 OSS in the 2015-2016 school year, and 597 in 2016-2017. At TC, there were 400 OSS in 2015-2016 and only 169 in the 2016-2017 school year. As the restorative practices continue at TC, ACPS now turns to its middle schools which represent 60 percent of the total OSS suspensions. Restorative practices are currently being implemented at Hammond Middle School and are beginning informal implementation at George Washington Middle School.”


“Divine Nzita, a junior at TC who has worked with Tenants and Workers United, said the change is palpable. “You can really see it in the classrooms,” said Nzita. “There’s been progress. You really do see it when you go into school. It’s a safe environment. You can feel the change.””


Of course, measuring safety is kinda tough, if you remove the punishment aspect that also stands as a measure of discipline, but I think those united workers might know that.


Bonus Headline: “School Climate Specialist Hired at TC” — valuing every tax dollar spent under the blanket of ‘education’…


Double bonus: George Washington’s former church (which is reportedly sliding away from faith tenets held in George’s time) is removing plaques noting their connection to him and Robert E. Lee (no relation to any ESPN college football anchors). Some local feelings on the matter:


Always grateful for your work, God bless. (My mom has written off going to Baltimore after years of “did you see this?”)




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