Letter from a Cop: The Last Straw

March 10, 2019 — Leave a comment

Get it here. Just click.

Get it here. Just click.

The story of the last straw:


I was working the Judge Task Force.  We were assigned to assist patrol assets with a saturation presence at the south jetty of mission beach. I’m sure you’ve been there many times. There is only one way in and one way out to the large parking lot there at the end of the boardwalk.

The gang member fellas and their lovely ladies (who were almost all active duty Navy as well) would take over the parking lot every weekend at about dusk.   *Spoiler alert* nearly every time, the gathering would end in a shooting. San Diego PD decided to flood the parking lot and to stop every car coming in for any vehicle code violation and to issue cites in an attempt to dissuade the gathering.

Back then, if you had a suspended license, we could tow your car and keep it for a 30 day punitive impound (awesome program). Anyway, I stopped a female driver for no front plate and I could see she had three unrestrained toddler-aged kids in the car. I pull her over and begin to suffer through the obligatory “you only stopped me because I’m black” routine that I am all too used to as I’m writing her ticket. I find out that her license is suspended so I’m going to tow the car.

I’ll never forget as she was unloading her personal belongings, her toddlers began to dangerously wander into parking lot traffic. She said something to the effect of, “D’quan.  Get yo ass over here an hole yo sista hand”. D’quan was about 3 years old and continued to wander off. The woman continued berating me and saw that D’quan kept wandering off. She then exclaimed, and I quote, “Ni&&$!  Getcho motherfu$&in’ ass over here and hold yo sista hand”.

I was blown away. She said that to a toddler!  I could only imagine what went on in the home. True story.

Joe Friday

Colin Flaherty

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