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You have to be a special kind of fool if you are a white person living in a Chocolate city.

But many are.

And so they create an alternate universe where black crime will go away if only they can convince public officials it really exists and is a real problem.

That’s why people like that never listen to what their public officials really say about black crime.

And how the problem is not crime, but white racism. And because that is the case, why arrest people who are the victims of white racism?

That is what we saw in New Orleans this week.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Letter from San Bernardino

Hello Mr. Flaherty. Just wanted to get the word out that black violence now being reported on a daily basis by individuals on their electronic devices is not a new phenomenon. The only thing we relied upon in the 60s was word of mouth and our feet to run as fast as we could.

In 1968 at age 13, I entered  Highland  Junior high  in the San Bernardino California school district, a predominantly white area where the schools had been built in the 20s. In 1968, the school district started integrating and blacks from the ghetto westside were bussed to all the schools in my area (lucky me) living in total ignorance I didn’t know what a n*gg*r (first time ever to hear that word) was or what to expect.

Weeks later I would be saying it all the time. My mother gave me a quarter to buy milk which was stolen the first day and every day later or the threat of violence (my friend told me to hide the money in my sock but the blacks wised up to that).

Every gym class the blacks would line up in the shower (the shower was a long hallway with a drying room) to urinate on the white kids, I never told anybody. The place was literally a war zone and I never told my parents, just lived through it.

In 1971 I attended San Gorgonio High School and lived through a full blown race battle on campus where the busses full of blacks were stoned in the morning and racial tensions broke out at lunch with hundreds of fights, police lockdown, injuries, blacks today have escalated that activity 3 fold , just never heard about it then, sorry to b*tch systems normal.

Chocolate schools are imploding all over the country.

Cops kicked in the head.

Security guards pushed down the stairs.

Teachers under attack by the tens of thousands.

And no one is connecting the dots.

Not till now. in a new tab)

A must for anyone who cares about schools. Or who knows any teachers or parents or grandparents.

A new podcast from colin flaherty.

After the San Diego synagogue, mass shooting is still a black thing.

Not counting the synagogue, there were nine mass shootings in America last weekend. At least nine.

Eight of the shooters were black. One Hispanic. And Zero were white.


Hear that on TV during the coverage of the synagogue shooting? no.

What we did hear was the fairy tale that most mass shooters are white. Dylan Roof, anyone?

So let’s run through the mass shootings from the weekend.

Maybe you’ll be surprised.

Maybe outraged.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

After the San Diego synagogue, mass shooting is still a black thing.
New podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Marlin Newburn is by far the most popular person to ever appear in these podcasts and my books.

He used his experience as a prison psychologist of 20 years to give special insight to our topic of racial violence and denial, deceit and delusion.

A great man, gone too soon.

Why do we remember Dylan Roof and forget about Micah Johnson.

Don’t know who he is?

We’ll remind you in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty

The director of the FBI tells congress that white nationalists surpremacists or whatever you want to call them are roaming the countryside attacking black people.

and it is happening more and more.

you know, just like Jussie said.

And just as true.

Fact: white people are victims of black violence.

That is the trend chief. Not vice versa.

A new podcast with some new examples.

Another dead white girl, a beautiful college student from New Jersey. Dead in South Carolina.

Another fella in jail for murder.

Don’t look now, but black on white hostility and violence is now normal.

So let’s give some more examples in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Every day brings a fresh story about the war on white people.

Hear me out:

Yesterday facebook said they are going to ban all talk of white nationalism… but only white

no problem for black nationalists or asian or moslem nationalists.

Then biden said rape and violence against women was a white thing. and used as an example, clarence thmoas and anita hill.

Then the washington post said trump rallies are followed by hate crimes, 220 percent increase.
fairy tale. they said trump might have caused it.

and now we go down to savannah, where white people are not allowed in mayoral forums.

its every day.

a new podcast check it out.

the occasion for this fairy tale was a story about black colleges. and how because of the exploding amount of white racism, the enormous level of white violence against black people, black people are keeping to themselves, huddling together in fear in black colleges. To stay safe.

Good lord where do they find these idiots.