New: Black Mob Violence in Chicago: Ridiculous to Dangerous

November 8, 2013 — 10 Comments

WhiteGirl_300x250_01Black Mob Violence in Chicago: Ridiculous to Dangerous.


The latest case of black mob violence in Chicago is far from the worst. We’ll get to that one in a minute.

But when a mob of black people rushed into three Chicago area Sports Authority stores this week and rushed out dragging entire racks of winter clothing, the local CBS affiliate dubbed that “unbelievable.

CNN said the videos were “shocking.”

Not really: “That crime was only unbelievable or shocking to the reporters who spend all their time ignoring and denying black mob violence,” said one Chicago cop, who would rather keep his job than be identified as a source of stories on racial violence. “More organized, yes. Unbelievable? Hardly. Not to anyone who knows anything about the epic level of black mob violence and black on white crime in this city.”

First the heist. The CBS affiliate reports:

Unbelievable surveillance video captured flash mobs dashing into store after store and running out with armloads and sometimes entire racks of sporting goods.

It has happened at three different Sports Authority stores in the Chicago area.

The video shows the mob dragging the racks out together in what can only be called a choreographed fashion: Linking them together and rolling them like a freight train through the nearby exit and out to a parking lot.

The thieves targeted clothes and knocked over one employee who tried to interfere. Other than that, no one was hurt.

This heist was comic relief compared to an episode of black mob violence and rape on three teenage girls in October. This week police arrested the ninth black person in connection with the rape, kidnapping, drugging and assault .The Chicago Tribune picks up the story:

The girls were walking in the 700 block of North Parkside Avenue in the Austin neighborhood about 9:45 p.m. Oct. 19 when a 1999 Chevrolet van approached, according to police and prosecutors.

As the van parked outside of a liquor store, two suspects exited and started to talk to the girls. Later, the victims agreed to get into the van and left with them. The attackers had the girls sit on their laps and then gave the two 16-year-old victims alcohol and marijuana, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said at least two of the people took turns driving while the girls were assaulted. Meanwhile, the girl who did not drink the alcohol or smoke the marijuana “fought to protect” the other girls, screaming and pounding the walls of the van, according to court records and prosecutors.

Prosecutors provided more detail about the state of the two girls who were given the alcohol and marijuana in the van. They said one of the girls was “extremely intoxicated” and could not hold her head up. One of the girls had a blood alcohol content of .237, according to prosecutors. Police found that girl unconscious and partially dressed in a suspect’s basement, lying in a pool of her own vomit, prosecutors said.

Several of the assaults were captured on cell phone videos from the suspects.

As graphic as the Tribune’s coverage of the violence was, it was tame compared to the details in other Chicago area blogs: Crime in Chicago did not shy away from presenting a fuller picture of the violence:

Angered at her screams, Robinson held the 15-year-old down while another suspect punched her in the face until she became quiet. Still restrained, she was sexually assaulted and then kicked out of the van because she continued yelling. As she fell out, she managed to pull her 16-year-old sister out with her, even though the attackers tried yanking them back inside.

The second 16-year-old remained in the van as the sisters ran, knocked on doors and screamed for help.

The suspects drove to Durham’s home. The girl was unconscious so Johnson and Price picked her up and carried her into Durham’s home where Price then sexually assaulted her.

Three witnesses who happened to be driving in the area called police after seeing the commotion and the sisters as they escaped from the van.

The Tribune does not usually identify suspects by race. Even if the crime is  part of a pattern. Even if the race of the suspects will help identify them. Even if the paper reports every day on other race-related stories about black caucuses, black churches, black colleges, black TV, black radio, and on and on.

Everything except black mob violence.

Tribune editors and columnists spend more time explaining why they do not report on racial violence in Chicago then actually reporting it. And for readers who wonder why the Trib is so heavily invested in ignoring and denying the epidemic of black mob violence in Chicago, the Trib’s Steve Chapman has an answer: You are a racist for even asking.

“There are good reasons not to identify the attackers by race. It’s the newspaper’s sound general policy not to mention race in a story, whether about crime or anything else, unless it has some clear relevance to the topic.

“My question to readers accusing us of political correctness is: Why do you care so much about the attackers’ race? If you fear or dislike blacks, I suppose it would confirm your prejudice. But otherwise, it tells you nothing useful.”

When readers try to comment on racial violence, black mob violence or black on white crime, the Tribune — like many other papers around the country — either removes the comments or does not run them at all.

“In certain circumstances, we will take down entire comment boards,” says the paper.

The Tribune disabled comments for the several stories on the West Side rapists.


9th man charged in West Side kidnapping, sexual assault – Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune had an answer ready: If you noticed, you are a racist.








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