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The craziest thing about our podcast is that sometimes they can sound the same.

When they are not.

It’s just the same fellas doing the same thing over and over and over and while reporters and public officials try to pretend they see nothing.

Today we start with a letter from an aspiring teacher. And two recent riots where fellas hurt teachers. 

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The Philly cop shooting just keeps getting crazier. First six cops shot by a fella who should have been in prison. Then, we learn a crowd taunted and attacked the police. Then the US Attorney got involved, blasting the cop hating, Soros-approved District Attorney. Then it happened again the next day: Another mass shooting. This time 5 people. Whew! And because this is Friday, our book of the week is River God by Wilbur Smith. A novel of Ancient Egypt. Get it here: And just because we can, let’s throw in another Letter from a Cop.