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WhiteGirl_300x250_01After I posted a few excerpts form Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton on my Facebook page, I heard from my old buddy from Newsweek:

“You are such an asshole,” quoth Jamie Reno.

The only rationale explanation is that someone hijacked former Newsweek reporter Jamie Reno’s email.

Or that Jamie was dipping into the sauce when this former Newsweek reporter saw a posting on my facebook page about Michelle Obama’s senior thesis.

Which I have tried to read several times. But, aside from the occasional complaint that the entire Princeton campus is racist, it reads like a lecture from Professor Irwin Corey.

But it is a precursor to the Critical Race Theory that is so popular today: Racism is everywhere. Racism is permanent. And lots of white people are not aware of it.

Saying you are not aware of it — or are not guilty of it — is the absolute surest way to know you are guilty of it.

Critical Race Theory is the most corrosive idea in the history of this country.

But Jamie Reno posted: “You are such an asshole.” And “get a life.”

Now you know where people get the crazy idea that liberal whack jobs drove Newsweek into the ground with relentlessly liberal reporting.

So here is what I told my old buddy Jamie Reno:

Regarding your comments about me posting an article about Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton, I remind you:

when someone presents an article and makes comments about it — as I did with Michelle Obama’s senior thesis —  if other people disagree it is usual for them to say:

colin, here is why what she said is not racist.

or, colin, you have it wrong, that document is a fake.

or, colin, she recanted that.

or, colin, some idiot broke into my facebook page and is sending out stupid messages.

go,ahead, say anyone one of them if you can.


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