There’s only one reason why someone would spread the fairy tale that most mass shooters are white:  

They want to spread the greatest lie of our generation: White racism. Black victimization. 

We don’t play that game here. We expose that game with recent examples EVERY WEEK of black mass shooters and how that is wildly out of proportion.

Also, our book of the week is another of my favorites from Steven Pressfield: Gates of Fire. A story about the 300 Spartans at Thermopalae.

You can get it here

Let me know how you like it.

The weekly Butcher’s Bill is ready: In the last seven days ending Sunday night, the fellas have created 21 mass shootings.

Hispanics did one. And this week, white people were shutout.

Not that much different than the other 10 times we done similar stories this year.

Also, Truedaroof has a bone to pick with Tucker Carlson.

And let’s talk about one of my favorite books, Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara, which you can get by clicking on this link:

The lie that will not die: No matter how often we show it, no matter how many black mass shootings we document, the fellas and lovely ladies still insist mass shooting is a white thing.

Easy to find a hundred articles on Google that spreads this lie.

On Twitter, it is even easier to find the same lie by the thousands.

But get this: over the last 9 days, there have been at least 25 mass shootings — all from the fellas. All documented on this podcast.

Hold on tight.

Meet the worst chief of police in America.