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Forget the talking heads.

If you want to see how the fellas feel about America, check how the behave on the Fourth of July.

This is the strongest proof yet how much they are just not into us or our lousy, evil country.

So let’s do a Magical Mystery Tour of the black violence and mayhem around the country this Independence Day.

And as a special treat, we even have a special guide: Michelle Obama and Gayle King.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

And don’t forget this one either: A collection of black mass shootings from the LAST WEEK. If I told you how many there are without showing you, you would not believe me.

I would not believe. But here goes: 37. 


A rapper(ess) thought it would be a good idea to buy a whole lot of free food, send out invitations all over Harlem to a free cookout, and invite a few celebrities.

What could go wrong?

Lots. Gunfire. Fighting. Property destruction. Violence.

From Teyana Taylor Cookout SHOT UP By 14 Yrs Old Kid, Police and Helicopters Everywhere, 1 Man Injured!! :


DAMN!!!….Teyana Taylor Cookout SHOT UP By a 14 Year Old Kid, Police and Helicopters Everywhere, One Man injured!! — Photos inside — It’s not a July 4th cookout until someone catches a mean slug. Does the heat make some black people crazy? Damn homie it’s the July 4th cookout not World War 3. Calm that isht down. A 200-person party hosted by local rapper Teyana Taylor in Morningside Park descended into mayhem late yesterday — leaving one cop hurt and another reveler arrested, police and attendees said.

The crowd gathered around 9pm at West 120th Street and Morningside Avenue and quickly got out of hand, party-goers said in Facebook posts. “It’s like LA (cali) after a riot out here at Morningside park. Police everywhere. Helicopters in the sky. Madness,” posted Aaron Rose.
The mob first occupied the park, then moved on to the West Side Highway and attempted to climb the fences of Riverbank State Park.

A Housing sergeant injured his shoulder trying to quell the crowd, and a 14-year-old was arrested for firing a gun into the air, police said.

“They just shot Teyana Taylor cookout up,” read one post on Twitter, while another noted “After it got dark teyana taylor cookout got mixxy lol ..had to leave.”
Taylor recently signed to Kanye West’s music label.


Here’s what you won’t read in the paper: The 14-year old that shot up the place?

That was his fourth arrest for robbery and weapons violations.


By the way, Teyana said none of this is true. They are just haters.
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