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Caught in the act: Mayor DeBlasio of NYC is apparently the only one in New York who does not know that cops are in a major slow down for writing tickets and arresting people. It all started with the firing of the cop who was fired because Eric Garner died during an arrest.  And now DeBlasio is saying that cops refusing to enforce the law means only one thing: CRIME IS DOWN. Now that is some world class denial, deceit and delusion. He’s not the only public official cooking the books. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.       

In New York CITTTAAAAYYY, School officials say Asian people are infected with white privilege. They don’t much like that.

But to their credit, people who run New York CITTTAAAAAAYYY are not trying to hide anything.

But they still do not want to connect the dots, where we meet the owner of convenience store because every day 70-100 black people beat each other, his customers, his employees, and anyone else they can find and everyone treats it as it is is no more serious than a Broadway production of the West Side Story where the Jets and the Sharks tangle over stolen apples.

And much more on this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

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Meet the worst chief of police in America.