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This could be the greatest day in the history of this platform: Donald Trump is breaking the cycle of cowardice and confronting the fellas and their enablers who are trying to diminish him by calling him RACIST.

He’s fighting back.

And we could learn a lot from him.

Plus, we cover the 35 episodes of mass shootings from the fellas and wonder how much longer reporters can deny this tsunami of violence and mayhem.

Also, in our new once a week feature, we get two more books from my favorite book list:

The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva,

Legend, by David Gemmell.

Along with some audio clips from the book that I neglected to include the last time we talked about these great works.

All this in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The great Ann Coulter rips the veil from the fairy tale of Criminal Justice Reform; “They are always lying.”

In this podcast, we talk about how this lie is spreading in lots of different ways, and the enormous damage it does.

Plus, our new Friday feature: Colin Picks – two new books you might enjoy:

The Kill Artist, by Daniel Silva, get it at

And Legend, by David Gemmell, get it at

All this in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty