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The Psychos — aka candidates for the Democratic nomination for President — are all about this thing called Criminal Justice Reform.

White racism and Black victimization. 

And it is not just a law, it is a movement. A dangerous movement.

All over the country parole boards and judges agree: We don’t need any more black people in prison. And the ones who are there should be released.

Today, the chicken are coming home to roost: Once released, the killers are still killing. The rapers keep raping. And the cycle of violence continues where it left off.

A disaster — that the Psychos are trying to convince us is really a reform.

And since it is Friday, today we take a look at another of my favorite authors, and his historical novels about Genghis Khan. As discussed on the podcast, you can find it here on Amazon:

Conn Iggulden: Ghengis Khan – Birth of an Empire

All this more and in this podcast.

Can they both lose? That is the first reaction many of us had when we saw Social Justice Fella accuse a YouTube exec of racism because the YouTube big shot did not want the fella to trespass in his apartment building. A familiar story. But it turns out there is a lot more to the story. None of it good for YouTube. So let’s get busy with that on a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.