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Black on white hostility is a staple at NPR.

And here is what we know for sure: There is no place where white people can go to escape it.

Nothing they can do to avoid it.

And it is spreading.

Even some Asians are figuring it out in San Francisco.

All that and more in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Can they both lose? That is the first reaction many of us had when we saw Social Justice Fella accuse a YouTube exec of racism because the YouTube big shot did not want the fella to trespass in his apartment building. A familiar story. But it turns out there is a lot more to the story. None of it good for YouTube. So let’s get busy with that on a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.
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Letter from an Asian guy in London.


Hi Colin,

I saw some of your videos and really liked them. Especially the ones pointing out as if whites are racists towards blacks, Michael Brown story, blacks in violence in general.


I am Asian (Chinese looking), has been living in England, London for the past 24 years. My comments on blacks are scum bags of the earth. 9 out of 10 are prone criminal intention, bullying other races, do not know where the black violence genes coming from???


My real life experiences:

There were 3 times. Knife pointing out to my neck (blacks attempt trying to rob me) out of unexpected. Who did it? All blacks.


One time I was walking in Holland, Amsterdam with my Irish friend. A black guy held a long knife on my neck. I did not expect that, because I thought 2 people walking on the street are supposed to be safer. To cut the story short, I am a Kung Fu master. He ended up in the hospital. But 18 years later, I still get nightmares every night.


If the black guy just inch away my throat, then I am dead or maybe brain damage, etc. I reported to the Holland police. They praised me well done. Often blacks love to assault and rob Asians with violence.


In London, I talked to 7 Asians for the past 3 years. All 7 of them were either smart phone being robbed or gold neck chain being robbed or their laptops.


I am not a racist as such because I do have black acquaintances and even friends when I was living in USA for 6 months. I have to say blacks are the most racist people on earth.


They call me chink here in London all the time, or China man (i could be Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, etc.) but you are not allowed to call them n*gga, etc.


I see fighting nearly everyday in London, as I have to pass by black area on a public transportation daily. Another day, I was on the bus. 4 teenage black girls, one threw Coca Cola can to my face very hard while I was trying to rest my eyes. They were giggling and laughing. Saying like “ching chong china man….bla..blahh..”


In my culture, young girls can bully adult men. Unheard of in the past 1000 year history? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ASIANS TRYING TO ROB BLACK OR WHITE GUYS FOR NO REASON??? GUARANTEE! The answer will be 0. (mafia or triad are different story. They have to survive by asking protecting money from the business shops or etc. But not on civilians walking on the street).


I probably talked to 6 black women in London the past 4 years. All 6 black women are single mothers. Average 4 children. One mixed black woman from Cuba told me. (Her x boyfriend had 14 children from 12 different women and the black guy is only 26 years old.) What??? He must had 1st child at age around 14 years old. That makes me really angry. Who pays for the kids? Tax payers, hardworking people, and we get nothing.


Then producing so many more scum bags of the earth because blacks are about 80% in prison population in London. Violent guns, stabbing, or gang, drug related issues. 20 people were stabbed to death in London last year. All blacks.


I hate when blacks play racial games. As if police are targeting them, etc. The truth is, if you ask 20 Asians, 20 Asians will tell you most blacks are garbage of earth. Nothing but violence.


I only know 4 Asians in London. All 4 of them were also violently attacked, robbed, assaulted by blacks (mostly smart phone now). Most Asians are not very big, tall people. So blacks love to rob us.


Please see following 3 videos. then you will know what i am talking about:

Search YouTube
1. one man being punched to death in Bournemouth by black. He only got 1 year sentence
2. one English soldier in broad day light beheaded by 2 blacks men in London.
3. London riots. all looters and criminals are 97% blacks.


Why do I have to fear to walk on the street because of black people? Luckily, normal people are not allowed to own guns here in England or in most Europe. 3 times long knife on my throat are haunting me the rest of my life. The psychological damage is sometimes beyond words.


When I saw that Michael Brown, MO case. That thug, age 18 on murder charges already and other criminal charges. Violently assaulted the shop owner. His accomplice was on the news as a witness. A joke? or what?


Police do not shoot you because you are black, yellow, white or pink. Because 99% they feel threatened. What happened to the police who shot him? Did he have to go to jail? No way. I would do the same if I were a police.


There are just too many violent, bullying blacks on the street everyday. I see them everyday. No matter men or women. One is more violent, aggressive than another.


I am not white. I am Asian. But I do not comment on YouTube anymore. Then blacks will say I am a racist. I do not want to be banned by YouTube because I learn a lot of knowledge from YouTube.


Colin, could you speak it out for me? Could you ask those blacks to respect other races and police forces? Then they will get respects from others.


Thanks for your attention.


About the Author

Colin Flaherty is an award winning reporter and author of the #1 best selling book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

His new book is Knockout Game a Lie? Aww, Hell No.

Both books are about black mob violence, black on white crime and the Knockout Game.

His work has appeared in more than 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine. His story about how a black man was unjustly convicted of trying to kill his white girlfriend resulted in his release from state prison and was featured on Court TV, NPR, The Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune.

Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Sean Hannity: White Girl Bleed a Lot “has gone viral.”

Allen West: “At least author Colin Flaherty is tackling this issue (of racial violence and black on white crime) in his new book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

Los Angeles Times: “a favorite of conservative voices.”

Daily Caller: “As the brutal “knockout” game sweeps across the U.S., one author isn’t surprised by the attacks or the media reaction. Colin Flaherty, author of the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How The Media Ignore It,” began chronicling the new wave of violence nearly a year ago — revealing disturbing racial motivations behind the attacks and a pattern of media denial.”

Alex Jones: “Brilliant. Could not put it down.”

Neal Boortz: “Colin Flaherty has become Public Enemy No.1 to the leftist media because of his research on black culture of violence.”

From the Bill Cunningham show. It is official: “Colin Flaherty is a great American.A wonderful book.” “Prescient. Ahead of the News. Garnering attention and sparking important discussions.”

David Horowitz: “A determined reporter, Colin Flaherty, broke ranks to document these rampages in a book titled, White Girl Bleed A Lot”


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WhiteGirl_wtih_Badge_R14Whew:  We get letters. Lots and lots of letters from victims of black mob violence.

And black on asian violence.

Here is the latest:


by Jonathan Lee


Black people are often thought of as the victims of racism, but as an Asian American, I have received more racism from black people than from any other ethnic group.

When I was eleven years old, I did not even know what racism was. Everyone in class was either white or Asian, and we all got along. The first time I met a black person was when I was twelve. She was making racist remarks at the Chinese teacher – “Do you speak English? Why don’t you make fried rice?”


In high school, the racism increased. Black students, who usually sat together at lunch tables and segregated themselves, would threaten Asian students who sat too close to them. In one of my classes, they made fun of the Korean teacher with statements such as, “Do you think he’s going to do martial arts moves? Hiya! Hiya!” In gym class, a black male student threatened to beat up Asian students who got too close to his property.

He stated, “If any of ya Chinese niggas get close to my stuff, I’m going to fuck you up.” He once plowed right through an Asian student as he was walking up the stairs, regarding him as nothing more than an inanimate object. In addition, a black student once asked me if I could open the door for him when one of his friends was trying to enter. He was not disabled or carrying any objects that would prevent him from opening the door himself.

He simply thought I was going to serve him because of my ethnicity. In one case, I was playing volleyball, and a black student said to me, “Yo, this kid be sucking! Go back to kung fu Mister Lee!”


I have also witnessed black people physically attacking Asian people in school. When I was 7 years old, a black elementary school teacher struck me in the head because I could not understand a math problem. When I was 13, I also saw a male black student, who had been left behind a grade and was older and bigger than most of the other students, knock an Asian girl in the head for fun. Oddly, the girl did nothing.

When I was 12, a black girl who was twice my size would regularly push me around. She also picked fights with other Asian students who were smaller than her, but I never saw her start a fight with someone the same size as her.


Other black teachers throughout my years in the public school system were also discriminating against Asian students specifically. They did not make overtly racist remarks, but were extremely disrespectful towards us (ignoring, interrupting, giving rude orders) while treating other ethnic groups with more respect.


Even in the professional world and in society in general, adult blacks use insults and violence against Asians. I have heard at least 200 racist remarks from about 200 different black people throughout my life. Here are a few that I remember:


In one case, I was at a bookstore and a black customer called me “Chun Lee.” Not tolerating this, I got up, walked right to his face, and said, “What did you say?” He backed down like the coward he was. However, when the black manager arrived to back him up, the customer finally started screaming at me and threatening me with physical violence.

Police were called, and the black manager tried to have me arrested. Fortunately, the police officers, who were white, were very fair, and said that if any trouble started, they would arrest both of us.


Black police officers, on the other hand, are not quite as reasonable. In one incident, a black officer walked up to me and addressed me as, “Chinaman.” Other black officers have called me, “chink,” “gook,” “wall,” “Jet Li”, “Bruce Lee,” and other racial slurs. When I insulted them back, they would often threaten to give me a ticket or arrest me. One black police officer threatened to “punch me in the face” and referred to me as “chino.”


I used to live in a predominantly Asian neighborhood, and I noticed that black people who drove through there typically drove very recklessly. They have no regard for the fact that they might run over an Asian person, and at one point, I even saw a thirty-something black woman speed through a street crowded with Asian people while screaming, “Fucking Chinese!”


I was once in a hospital, and the area I was placed in was largely populated by Asian patients. I heard a black female nurse say to another black worker, “After working here, I refuse to eat Chinese food. The Asians here stink. And the females, all they do is pick their noses.” I also heard several black nurses poke fun at the foreign names of the Asian patients. I reported this behavior to their supervisors, but I was ignored.


I have also been physically attacked by blacks. A black woman once struck me in the arm for fun. She seemed to delight in picking fights. Another time, I coughed without covering my mouth and a black man punched me in the face while calling me an “illegal alien” and criticizing my English (I actually speak English perfectly, and in fact, I was born in America). I used to pass by a black neighborhood on my way to work, and I got into a fistfight with a black man after he called me “Chin” and struck me in the face.

Black and Hispanic police officers broke up the fight, but blamed me without even asking for my side of the story. I got into another fistfight after a homeless black man said to me “nee how ma” merely because I happened to be Asian (I was the only Asian in the vicinity).

Again, black police officers sided against me. Yet another incident happened when I walked past a black man who then accused me of trying to bump into him. He grabbed me and shoved me twice, referring to me as “yang.” Yet again, black and Hispanic policemen threatened to arrest me if I fought back.

Another time, a Haitian man who I had never met before in my life charged up to my face and screamed, “I’LL KILL YOU! YOU FUCKING CHINA! I’LL KILL YOU!” As I expected by this time, when I reported this to law enforcement, they refused to arrest him.


It is my belief that blacks are trained at a young age to hate Asians. I was in the park one time, and an 8-year-old black boy said, “Hey look, a Chinese person! Ching chong chang!” The same thing happened a few years later when I was walking through a black neighborhood. I also saw a 7-year-old black girl in the library refer to a Chinese girl as “Hey, you Chinese girl,” in a mocking way.


If you do not believe me, you may want to google a woman named Ying Ma. Her blog regularly speaks about black racism against Asians, and Hispanic racism against Asians as well. She has archived many news reports of blacks robbing and killing Asians, proving that this discrimination could in many cases be a lethal thing.


There are also many Youtube videos that show blacks attacking Asians. In one video, a group of black men throw an Asian woman onto a train track and proceed to beat her.


It is my opinion that modern black culture in America is extremely corrupt. Having come across many black people in my life, I have noticed that they are incredibly sadistic. They typically laugh at other people’s misery and brag about crimes they have committed against other people (I have seen many of them do this many times). However, when black people themselves are suffering, they cry, “That’s not funny! That’s not funny!”


For example, when I was in high school, there was a black student who was constantly insulting people, starting fights, and overall acting like a wannabe tough guy. While the white students spent much of their time sucking up to this bully, I took action. I saw him discriminating against Asians at one point, and I responded by making a racist remark about blacks. We argued for a while, and the more I insulted him, the more his will seemed to break down.

In the end, he became afraid of me even though I was the same size as him. Unwilling to fight me, he took out his anger on random students. However, when the white students saw that I had taken away his dignity, they stood up for themselves and shooed him off.


There was also an incident in school in which I saw two Jamaican girls laughing at a Chinese student behind his back because he spoke with a heavy accent. I responded by poking fun at black slavery in front of them, at which point both of them tucked their heads down, embarrassed. They did not have the confidence or the bravery to insult me back to my face.


Another problem with black culture in America is that they seem to have a self-serving group mentality. They do whatever it takes to encourage black power even if it comes at the expense of innocent parties.

For instance, affirmative action has been proven to discriminate unjustly against Asian Americans, but black people support affirmative action for their own purposes. Whenever black leaders like Al Sharpton complain about so-called injustices against blacks, massive amounts of black people rally to his support even when there is overwhelming evidence that race played no role in the incident (ie. George Zimmerman). They do not seem to think about why they do what they are doing.

They just want to look “cool” by doing what other blacks are doing. Furthermore, blacks in America tend to gang up on their victims or attack people who are weaker. This behavior is incredibly cowardly.


Statistics also show that blacks commit vastly more crimes than any other ethnic group in proportion to their population size. For generations, this has been blamed on economics despite the fact that most poor Asians and poor whites have been able to work their way out of poverty without committing crime. Meanwhile, blacks receive so much support from the government, the educational system and the media, yet are still unwilling to do the work that is required to become successful. It’s time that black people start taking responsibility for their own problems and stop blaming other people for their mistakes.


I also find it strange when African Americans ask Asians if we can speak English. Yet, I have seen that most blacks are unable to speak proper English themselves. Instead, they speak a perverse mutation of English called “ebonics”, which requires heavy use of profanity and the word “nigger” (this is ironic because they take offense when non-blacks use the word “nigger”). Many black people I have met were literally unable spell basic English words, whereas Asian foreigners who come to this country typically learn English very quickly (for example, bestselling author Nancy Yi Fan).


Most of the opinions in this article are rarely heard. This is not because others do not share my opinions, but because the American media is afraid to offer honest bias of blacks. Black comedians regularly make jokes about Asians, and the American population generally ignores it or laughs along. However, whenever someone makes even a minor negative comment about blacks, it is regarded almost as a crime, and the “perpetrator” is subject to attacks and ostracizing.

American citizens have actually threatened me with physical violence merely because I stated that many blacks harbor extreme prejudice against Asians. I don’t mind when people disagree with me or criticize me, but no one has the right to threaten anyone for expressing an opinion.


An example of this double standard can be seen in this video, where President Obama makes an overtly racist comment about Asian people:

The title of the video is “Barack Obama Racist Comments Against Asian People”


You will notice that when President Obama says “obviously there are a lot of folks from Asian ancestry in Hawaii, generally the teams aren’t as tall,” the American audience, including Jimmy Kimmel, laughs. Yet, after Trayvon Martin was killed, Obama released a statement complaining about the discrimination he faced as a black person throughout his life. Obama is clearly a racist and a hypocrite.


I should also note that I was brought before a judge because I criticized President Obama for this on my blog.


In any case, I am not writing this article to focus on myself. I am writing this article to spread awareness of the reality that many blacks are extremely violent and racist against Asians. Asian Americans need to do something about this.


One of the reasons why blacks attack Asians is because they believe we are easy targets. I have heard many black people state that they believe Asians are weaklings and that we will not fight back when attacked. I don’t think I need to say this, but if a black person or any person attacks you, it is your right and DUTY to defend yourself.

If you do not defend yourself against a racist attacker, he or she will likely do it again to someone else. Also, Asian culture centers around honor and justice. Asian people need to defend their honor by being more aggressive when the situation calls for it, despite the fact that schoolteachers brainwash us into believing that peaceful protest is always appropriate.


Another thing we can do is train more extensively in martial arts. As a teenager, I did not have much combat training, but as an adult, I am highly skilled in combat and not the least bit afraid of engaging an enemy in a physical confrontation. It is also advisable to obtain a gun license. I do not consider guns to necessarily be a bad thing when used in self-defense.

Indeed, with a firearm, a person who is not physically gifted can be as dangerous as a large man, thereby evening the odds. This is especially important because blacks have been known to attack with weapons.


We should also be more vocal about discrimination against Asians. Whenever blacks attack us, we should organize massive protests and contact news organizations. America is based on majority opinion, thus calling and emailing news stations in massive numbers would gain their attention. And when I say that we should contact them, I mean we should do it almost obsessively. Reporters don’t pay attention unless large numbers of people bring something to their attention. The population does not care unless large numbers of Asians march down the streets demanding justice for all the Asian people who were killed by blacks.


According to the book Connected by Nicholas Christakis, PhD and James Fowler, PhD, social media can be incredibly powerful. Starting blogs and Facebook pages can be an excellent way to spread awareness. This book also states that humans as a species have a high propensity for imitation. Therefore, telling other people about this subject can have a large impact across your social network.


Hollywood also has a large impact on the way people behave towards Asians. Asians in American films are usually portrayed as criminals and weaklings when in fact we have the lowest crime rates of any ethnic group and we developed the martial arts.

Part of the reason Asians are treated so poorly in America is because of the way people see us in movies. If Asians were to enter the film and TV industry in large numbers, we could make a difference and show that we will not tolerate abuse. Furthermore, we should boycott movies and TV shows that portray Asians negatively.

Asian people have a great deal to be proud of – a hard work ethic, artistic skills, a warrior mentality, scientific advancement, and Bushido bravery to name a few. It wouldn’t be hard to create a film that shows Asian people as a courageous and productive people.


The bottom line is, we as Asian Americans need to do something before black people continue killing more of us. Also, I am not the least bit intimidated by threats of violence from anyone, and I will continue to express my opinions.
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These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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