New: My favorite video of the day: The roots of racial hostility.

October 18, 2013 — 5 Comments

It’s from the head of the Chicago teachers’ union.

If you want to know where children learn racial resentment and hostility, look no further.

And to Toddy Massey who left the following comment on the video:

“She did speak the truth….there is an elephant in the room….other than that it was just a bunch of racist lies.”

you are a bbaaaaaaaaaddddddd man.



Colin Flaherty

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
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eddyjames says:

Racism to blame? How about you face the truth and admit is the dumb negro teacher that is to fat to bend over and see the truth. When the group she represents is 40 points lower on the IQ scale they can’t be taught the same as the other races. got to be able to read first . picture book math doesn’t work.

M M says:

This so-called “teacher” is one of the reasons the education system is so messed up.

gahanson says:

No matter how much carnage blacks inflict upon white society, the majority of whites will continue burying their head in the sand, blame themselves, or allow more and more of their money to be spent taking care of blacks. 0bama got elected, and reelected with millions of white votes, many hoping that a new era of improved race relations would be ushered in.

Reverend Bacon says:

She does point out some truths. Specifically, that property taxes come chiefly from whites, which pay for schools used chiefly by non-whites. They are tired of paying, especially when all they reap from these investments is crime, murder, and mayhem.

It is baffling that she appears baffled by this. Her implied solution is for these people to stop whining, give her more money, and become less interested in how that money is spent, and all will be just fine. That is beyond baffling.

libertarian1234 says:

“Her implied solution is for these people to stop whining, give her more money, and become less interested in how that money is spent, and all will be just fine. ”

She gets away with those kinds of idiotic statements, because none of the media pundits call her on it and loudly tell the truth, or at least toss up the subject as a narrative to be discussed. The liberal press is a bunch of spineless fops, but conservatives should have the backbone to discuss the matter. But, unfortunately, they don’t.

The same is to be said of the black talking heads on t.v., like the ones on MSNBC who are anti-white racists to the core and they display it often, especially when they say things like whites do better, because of white privilege.

If we had somebody with the courage to tell those like her that whites do better than blacks, because they’re smarter and have better mental abilities overall, plus a better work habit, more discipline, and they are also willing to put off immediate desires and needs if they can see the delay in gratification will benefit them to a greater extent tomorrow, like getting an education and saving money to buy the things they need.

Calling white accomplishment “white privilege” is the most vicious racial insult ever and if they scream racism against anybody who responds truthfully to the slur, there are literally thousands of tests and studies that clearly show that white people not only outperform blacks in school they outscore them by 15 to 18 points on I.Q. tests as a group average.
In fact, every group in the US has a higher group average I.Q. score than blacks.

So to tell it like it is: Black failure is the result of lack of intelligence, lack of discipline and a lack of determination to acquire knowledge, a trade or a skill.

It has nothing to do with “white privilege,” nor has it anything to do with not enough money. And, it has everything to do with blacks themselves.