New: Black mob violence in Chattanooga? Naaaahhh.

December 27, 2013 — 9 Comments

white_girl_bleed_a_lot_coffee_cupBlack mob violence in Chattanooga? Naaaahhh.

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The reporters thought they were the good guys: Chattanooga is one of the most dangerous cities in America, and their series for The Times Free Press was creating pressure for local officials to do something about it.

Just one month ago the paper was bragging about the initial results of its Speak No Evil series: Police arrested “32 of the worst of the worst” in this city of 176,000 and the newspaper obliged by putting their pictures on the front page.

Everyone arrested was black.

The first phase was over: First, recognize that “most violent crime comes from a very small pocket” of people. Then tell them to stop. Or move. Or get arrested.

Two weeks later, the paper was ready for the next step: Organize a meeting to convince residents in high-crime neighborhoods to give up the code of silence and start calling police when they see a crime.

That is what the reporters said they wanted at the beginning of the meeting. But the largely black crowd of 200 wanted something altogether different: To its credit, the Times Free Press reported that too: The forum:

quickly turned into a diatribe about prejudice and racism in Chattanooga. A number of comments revealed a strong belief that the black community has been treated unfairly by whites. Several speakers referred specifically to the November arrest of 32 black men that police called the “worst of the worst” criminals in Chattanooga.

“Don’t just single out our kids,” one black man said, speaking into the microphone. “Are they the only ones that commit crime?” he asked to cheers and hollers.

The focus of the forum was the so-called High Point initiative, named after a North Carolina town where the approach reduced crime.

Concerned Citizens for Justice did not like anything about it. Members of the group believe that white racism is behind the poverty and injustice that creates so much violent crime. And that white people often commit similar crimes, but the police ignore them.

No one seemed in the mood to listen to the newspaper’s facts: “Of the 122 shooting victims in Chattanooga from Jan. 1 through Nov. 21 of this year, 114 were black, six were white and two were Hispanic, according to figures provided by police. Of the 63 known suspects, only one was white.”

The paper patiently reported that “Kevin Muhammad, a Nation of Islam youth worker, said the white community also has a code of silence. He also compared the High Point Initiative to the days when police would round up slaves. When he did, much of the crowd cheered.”

The CCJ posted comments live from the forum at is FaceBook page: “CCJ member, Janelle Jackson, bringing up the history of “no snitch culture” and that race is a part of this conversation because we know that regardless of what has been told to us, the “worst of the worst” in this city are NOT 32 black men.”

The CCJ rejected the idea that the Code of Silence had anything to do with crime. Or that the disproportionate amount of black people involved in violent crime has anything to with it either: Other than the fact that black people are victims of relentless white racism.

We find it very troubling that the “War on Drugs,” racial sentencing and arrest disparities, police brutality, income and access inequality—racism and poverty— were scarcely addressed while the bulk of investigation and blame fall on the community’s “code of silence.”

The NAACP joined in with a lukewarm statement, agreeing that crime is a problem, but so is racism, poverty and racial disparities on arrests and crime and imprisonment.

The Chattanooga push back was not too much different from what happened earlier this year in Kansas City, Missouri. After three years of regular and frequent and often intense black mob violence — much of it centered at upscale County Club Plaza and created by as many as 1000 black people —  the city council enacted a curfew.

In April, a councilman complained that all of the 34 people cited for curfew violations were black. “The data is the data,” city councilman Jermaine Reed told KMBC news. “That’s what I’m looking at. We’ve got to be honest and have an honest conversation. Say, ‘Here’s what it says and have an honest conversation, as well.’”

Reed did not return calls and emails for comment.

Congressman (and former mayor) Emanuel Cleaver got about as honest as it gets: When reporters asked what he thought about the curfew he tried to warn the council away: “All we are going to do is make a lot of black kids angry and they are going to take out their anger somewhere else.”

In Wilmington, Delaware — another city even ahead of Chattanooga on the many ‘most dangerous lists — had similar push back: Councilwoman Hanifa H. G. Shabazz said the hyper violence in Wilmington is a remnant of slavery and is causing mental illness, causing black people to become self-destructive.

She wants the Centers for Disease Control to investigate this mental illness afflicting black people and her city council agreed unanimously.

In Rochester, another site of frequent and regular and intense black mob violence, City Councilman Adam McFadden said the violence at a local beach was no big deal.  White people are just not used to it:  “I think what you saw at the beach is what been seeing in many of our neighborhoods for two decades,” said McFadden to WHAM TV news. “It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”

Back in Chattanooga,  the one white person who stood up to talk admitted that white people have been treating black people poorly and contributing to all these problems in and out of Chattanooga.

“I can’t apologize for the past, but I can make the future better,” said June Corn.

The paper recognized that fighting crime might not be as easy as finding criminals and locking them up: “The hurt and anger that echoed through the auditorium suggested that Mayor Andy Berke’s new violence reduction initiative faces an uphill battle among the very people it’s intended to help.”





WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: News – Top Stories – Residents: Racial Divide Between Black Community and Police


Happy holiday! Let the violence begin


These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
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LifeisSoGood says:

Blacks were not the only ones that suffered under oppression, slavery, brutal attacks and vile acts against them.
Other races even had genocide attempted upon them.
While Blacks were not the only ones who suffered in far past history, they are the only ones using ancient history as an excuse.
While it was a Black person’s great great great great grandfather that suffered, it was my grandfather. While it was a Black person’s 5x great aunt who suffered from slavery, it was my great aunt.
While that Black person whines and says a White person owes them for what their distant relative endured, every other race says I’ll do it on my own, with no help from Big Brother.
I have to laugh at these Black people. Are they really that weak minded that just stories would mentally injure them?
The Chinese were oppressed and suffered from slavery yet they prosper. The Irish were oppressed and suffered, yet they prosper. Natives were oppressed (still literally are), were subjected to slavery and genocide, but yet they prosper.
If all my people had was an excuse, I’d rethink how I would proceed.
I can scream I’m the King of the world, but facts show differently. Blacks can scream they are mentally damaged from an ancestor being a slave, but facts show it’s their own personal choice to be as they are.
Now a Black may be too ignorant to understand this, but not the rest of the world. We see clearly where the problems lay.

Jack Laurie says:

I remember 2008 when Odumbo the Racist Clown was running for president…he was supposed to “bring us all together” and end racism…seems he just fired up the BLACK POWER MOB…ALL citizens should call 911 when they see blacks gathering or walking around…they are looking for trouble so be careful!

nearboston says:

The so called academics promoting the idea of mass mental health problems among blacks are correct. It is something we have seen before but on a much smaller scale. We know it as Stockholm Syndrome. This is where the victims of a crime such as kidnapping begin to identify with their captors. Its name comes from a case decades ago from Sweden when a passenger train was taken over by a terrorist organization

Today, it is evident that although they are the overwhelming majority of the victims of inner city crime perpetrated by violent African-American gangsters, “The Community” identifies more with their oppressors, than with the rest of society which is trying to help them.

Classic. It would take years of intense therapy in an average case to reform the sufferers of Stockholm.

In this case I feel that the patient is beyond hope and will forever be a willing participant in their own captivity.

libertarian1234 says:

“Members of the group believe that white racism is behind the poverty and injustice that creates so much violent crime. And that white people often commit similar crimes, but the police ignore them.”

That this entire group believes such nonsense tells us unequivocally that these people are not bright enough to comprehend much of anything. Talking to them is a total waste of time.

Unfortunately the vast majority are exactly the same way. The few who are not are too few to even matter.

Integration has been a total failure and these many videos we’ve seen and the many excerpts we’ve read tell us it will never work.

Debbie Hogan Tate says:

If they are mentally ill then lock them up until they are not ill! Get them some serious help. Why though did it take hundreds of years for this remnant of slavery that is causing mental illness, causing black people to become self-destructive.

menckenlite says:

Being mentally ill is not a crime. Mental illness is no defense for criminal acts. Reporters should ask for evidence of racism, and that racism be defined. Belief in racism must be kept alive or many beneficiaries of the belief in racism would be out of work.

Terence Sommer says:

Google Mark Andrew. He ran for Minneapolis mayor but lost. Mpls. voted for a Betsy Hodges, a DFLer. Anyway, I do not know his particular brand of politics, but he was just mugged at the Mall of America for his i-phone. A male ran into a Starbucks and swiped his phone. He went to chase said male where two females caught him and beat him with a billy club, sending him to hospital to receive 17 stitches I believe. His muggers got away FREE. The former canditate stated that there were several bystanders but no one interviened to help this gentleman in his 60’s. Read all the articles and there is no descriptions of the perps. It must be those crazy norskies again.

Terence Sommer says:

Too bad that this situation is not up for national debate, as it is far more relevent than, say, celebrity news. It’s too bad the MSM (which is of course a joke) does not report on something like this as these sorts of situations will be the unraveling of America. It’s going to turn into a very bad situation.
It never ceases to amaze me on how stupid black America strikes me. I googled the mall riot on Christmas in Jacksonville, FL where ‘youths’ were turning the parking lot into a ‘mele’ of 600! Still, one of the arrested (who refused to have his face on camera) complained of police brutality. His mother assured (also face hidden from camera) that this was “not gonna end here” in her search for justice. Too bad the idiot cannot understand that 600 roving, violent youth is the essence of the problem.
Also Colin, I met a guy here in Minnesota who was a victim of a knock out game while walking one night on the grounds of Macalester College. Macalester College is very much in a good neiborhood by the way. Anyway, while he was walking one night, he recounted on how he fell to the ground and that there was so much blood. What was odd was on how OK he was about it. He was taking it in his stride. I told him that this ‘game’ is a serious problem, but the whole demeaner was that it was not such a big deal! I agree that you must forgive the situation, however, one shouldn’t blow it off. He almost seemed pleasently annoyed by me mentioning the dangers of black violence.
One more thing. While at a coffee house, I picked up and went outside to smoke a cigarette where when I came back, one of the barista’s was leaning over my table wanting to look at the book I was reading (yes, I did just recently got a copy having ordered it from Barnes and Noble). It is a provocative cover and title. She had not heard of it so I went on to explain. After mentioning on how the media covers this up and instead chooses to turn a hispanic into a white guy with SO much coverage she pulled away and started to feel uncomfortable. I do not come off as crazy. Anyway, she is still pleasent towards me when I come in but this topic is still taboo. Sad.
p.s. my aquaintence never did make a police report.

laura r says:

that about sums it up. white people endangering other white people. white anti whites plus black anti whites: not a good situation.