Letter from Dayton on Polar Bear Hunting and black mob violence

February 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

Letter from Dayton on Polar Bear Hunting and black mob violence:

Dear Colin:

The evolution of the Dayton RTA bus story was truly something to watch.

Early yesterday the Dayton Daily News and WHIO TV ran a factual story that included the race of the assailants and the gang/polar bear aspect. That was the story I emailed you as a link.
(The DDN and WHIO partner and are actually co-located in the same building).

Within 2 hours they had scrubbed the story clean deleting both race and the polar bear remark by the victim. This iteration made it sound like a failed armed robbery.

Shortly thereafter they must have realized that the original story had gone national (thanks in no small part to your rapid response).

Version 3 appeared around noon with the race, physical description and gang/polar bear stuff now BACK in story along with further police and victim’s family embellishments!

Finally, today they further developed the story with their interview with you and the whole ‘White Girl…..” phenomena!! Amazing.

Lastly I noticed today that the politically-correct self-censoring Associated Press is still going with the sanitized Version 2 of the incident.

Doubtlessly, the bullet-stopping Bible component helped propel the story, but it was your work on this epidemic of violence that kept the local news people honest.

Billy Cunningham was right……”you are a Great American!”


The Dayton News reporter played it straight with me and with the story that ran today.



Colin Flaherty

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