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Great new column from Ilana Mercer: A reminder that what conservatives call “identity politics” is really something much more sinister: Anti-white vitriol.

Tim Wise says Colin is a fraud. So I am offering to bet him real money that every story in my book is true. Ditto for videos, articles, interviews — that is over 5 million words, over 125 views on videos.

He’ll chicken out.

And one of America’s most beloved entertainers and producers, Pherell is bringing national acts to Virginia Beach for Black College Beach Weekend? This is going to be crazy. So let’s remind Pherell what he is getting into.

This time this scam happened  in Des Moines, Iowa.

Let’s break it down on my new podcast.  And then look at what

racism really looks and sounds like.

Check it out.

What is it about Chicago that drives some reporters, if not temporarily insane, deaf, dumb and blind? The latest example. And how we need heroes right now.

Good lord, how did the normally rational people at CPAC fall for the swamp land Van Jones is selling as prime real estate? Will no one question him about the tissue thin gauze surrounding what he calls Criminal Justice Reform, but what we call the greatest hoax of our lifetime.

In Oakland, a carful of fellas saw the crew in town for a story. They pulled over, pulled out a gun and started the robbery. Easy peasy right? They did not know about the security guard with a gun. They found out.

it used to be all men are created equal. Today, its all men are created equal unless you a member of a protected class. The fellas are in a protected class. often several.

Which begs the question: Who will protect us from the protected classes.

Plus, want to celebrate Black History Month is a way that will really make the Black Kids Angry? Send a reporter a copy of the book that started it all: Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Easy to do, just click here:

Yet the reporters insist that white racism and black victimization is still a thing.

Trolls and reporters share one necessary skill: Ignore the evidence then insist the evidence does not exist. We saw two examples in one day: One from the hiking and biking trails of North Carolina, another from the streets of Brooklyn,

People who read my books and watch my videos recognize the patterns. Cops and trolls and reporters there do not. They say patterns do not exist.