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Big riot in Chicago.  Everyone knows 500 fellas and lovely ladies were creating the violence at the Magnificent Mile. Everyone except the reporters.

Who tell us that riots in Chicago among people of an undetermined race are now a regular feature of life there.

And let’s not pick on them.

Yes, they said that.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Another black mass murderer we never heard of. This time in Kansas City. Just one more in the long and recent list of black mass shooters who reporters and public officials are trying to convince us do not really exist.

Why are so many white victims of black violence so eager to do the most dangerous thing possible?

Forgiving and forgetting?

Especially when no one is asking for forgiveness. They are asking for punishment for the white racism that caused the violence in the first place.

Lots of examples. And let’s hear from a public defender who started out in forgiveness mode, but who is now in full fight or flight mode.

a new podcast from Colin Flaherty

The attempted murder of a white child by a fella at the Mall of America has people really freaking out.

Some think this is the bridge too far.

Maybe it is. maybe it’s not.

But this much we know for sure: Black murder on white children is not an isolated event.

A new podcast from colin flaherty.

Vice news outlet says white people are roaming the countryside killing black people in Revenge for our mistaken belief that black crime is wildly out of proportion.

They even have a name for it: Liam Neeson syndrome: White people innately want to kill black people.

Get your milk and cookies, because it is fairy tale time.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.


I was a bit worried about doing this podcast today.

Some personal matters put me on the road and in meetings, so I thought maybe I would just do a repeat.

Then I heard a segment on NPR this morning, and I knew right away, nothing could stop me from doing this podcast.


From Colin Flaherty

And you thought the story of Jusse Smullett could not get any crazier.

Turns out the crazy is just beginning. A black congressman and a community activist say white nationalists are behind the whole thing.

And cops are really bad people too.

The director of the FBI tells congress that white nationalists surpremacists or whatever you want to call them are roaming the countryside attacking black people.

and it is happening more and more.

you know, just like Jussie said.

And just as true.

Fact: white people are victims of black violence.

That is the trend chief. Not vice versa.

A new podcast with some new examples.

The tsunami of black violence and denial often overwhelms our ability to describe it.

The violence and denial in schols, streets, courts is just growing to the point where we have to ask ourselves, ‘can we do more?’

We have to.

So let’s take a look at some recent examples from Des Moines, Racine and Atlanta. And look at least one place where school officials are not letting themselves be bullied by phony baloney stories of white racism.

And let’s talk about the next level for us.

The violence and denial in schols, streets, courts is just growing to the point where we have to ask ourselves, ‘can we do more?’

All in one itty bitty new podcast from Colin Flaherty

All hail Assata Shakur. The black cop killer who is praised by Democrat activists and presidential candidates. A breathtaking breakthrough in black on white hostility in a new podcast From Colin Flaherty.

New podcast from Colin Flaherty.