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How to get yourself a phony baloney Pulitzer In one easy step:

Just do what the New York Times did: make up a story about how America was founded by people with one main interest: Find a place where they could have slaves.

Historians all over the country called BS. That didn’t matter to the folks at Columbia University, who gave this fairy tale the highest award in Journalism, the Pulitzer.

All this and more in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

A year ago we told you the story of a two fellas attacking and killing a 59-year old white dude at the Fredricksburg fair in Maryland.

Broad daylight.

All because the fellas demanded the old dude give them $1, and he declined to do so.

At the time of the murder, local officials lined up to tell us how they were going to prosecute these teens as adults. And how they were going to get tough on crime — at last.

A few days ago, one of the fellas was sentenced. And there is no prison or jail in sight.

Crime truly is the new black entitlement on this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Now let us praise America’s mot valuable — endangered — species: The black jogger.

The new York Times, NPR and Runners World all agree: White people are roaming the country attacking black joggers for no reason other than racism.

But here’s the weird thing: In all of the stories of black joggers under attack, not one gives a story of an actual black jogger (without Timberland boots)) that was attacked by white people.

While all week we have reminded people of all the stories we have done on the Fellas attacking white joggers form robbery, rape and/or even murder.

The Greatest Lie of Our Generation grows and grows.

Should we commend Tucker Carlson for everything he does to expose the black haters in national media like Don Lemon and Joy Reid? Or should we urge him to go farther and connect even more dots of black violence and mayhem and the denial, deceit and delusion around it?

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Fellas in Fort Worth have a problem: Every time they go to the only park in Forth Worth that is “safe for African Americans,” gunfire breaks out.

According to them, it is impossible to stop. That is why 600 fellas were in the park partying last night when gunfire broke out, wounding five fellas.

Start the timer: It should only take them a day or so to figure out the real reason, white people in general and Trump in particular.

And of course the black conservative Senator from South Carolina Tim Scott is OK with that.

And a whole lot more in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The GREATEST of ALL TIME says it is so, so it must be true: LeBron James says white people are hunting black people EVERY DAY. The latest example comes from Brunswick, Georgia.

Is the Knockout Game a Myth? A lie? Aww hell no. It wasn’t two years ago when I did this documentary. And it is not today when I turned the audio of my KO Game documentary into a podcast. Enjoy!

NBC recently made a startling medical discovery: White Racism causes tumors in black people. Especially microagressions that you need mind reading to detect.

This follows by just a few weeks another startling discovery: White racism causes black women to get fat.

It’s always something.

The Philly cop shooting just keeps getting crazier. First six cops shot by a fella who should have been in prison. Then, we learn a crowd taunted and attacked the police. Then the US Attorney got involved, blasting the cop hating, Soros-approved District Attorney. Then it happened again the next day: Another mass shooting. This time 5 people. Whew! And because this is Friday, our book of the week is River God by Wilbur Smith. A novel of Ancient Egypt. Get it here: And just because we can, let’s throw in another Letter from a Cop.

The GOP is now officially on board with the Greatest Lie of our Generation: The hoax of black victimization and white racism.

And they did it in a tweet blaming white racism for something the Black Caucus did: Cranking up the penalties on crack cocaine.

Now somehow, that is the fault of white people.

It’s always something.

Jussie: A noble hero.

February 16, 2020 — Leave a comment

Jussie Smollett is now a noble hero to the lovely ladies on the national network show THE TALK.

And here’s why: It has something to do with Emitt Till, though I do not know what.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.