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The Minneapolis riots show one thing above all: The Greatest Lie of our Generation is alive and well and proceeding full speed ahead.

And EVERY DAY we see how that is true. From murder and mass shootings, to rape and home invasions.

Anyone else having trouble keeping track of all these new heroes?

First we had the Brunswick Jogger.

Then earlier this week we had the Central Park bird man dog stalker.

And right after that, we learn about possibly the greatest black fella in history: George Floyd, whose life was snatched by white supremacists in Minneapolis for no reason what so ever.

Let’s see if we can make some sense out of what is really happening.

Stop the Presses: CBS Morning News honcho and Official Oprah Best Friend Forever, Gayle King, is upset at relentless white racism.

Gayle is gaslighting us. And reporters from Variety and Vanity Fair and everyone in between is eating it up: Black people are victims and she just cannot take it anymore.

How about some truth with that heaping portion of black bullshit?

Memorial Day weekend and that can only mean one thing: Lots of large scale black mob violence all over the country.

A few of the latest examples — as well as a reminder of what it was like in 20134: IDENTICAL!

Are black people crazy?

If you read black news sites, it is easy to find articles and studies that show 30 to 50 percent of black people are mentally ill.

Not to worry, these same articles are quick to point out that cause of all this black insanity: White racism.

But the headlines tell another story: Episodes of black violence that only be called insane, without a white racist in sight.

All this and more in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty


Welcome to Bizarro World: Black people across America are protesting Asian on black violence and racism. No — that is not a misprint. Black people are trying to convince the world they are now victims of Asian malevolence of the worst kind. When, as we know, the opposite is true. And that is what we expose in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

All over the country, people are getting together in defiance of state and local government orders to stay indoors and limit large crowds.

Why is it the white protests are peaceful, but the large black gatherings are so often so violent?

And yes, we have plenty of recent examples.

All this and more in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

How to get yourself a phony baloney Pulitzer In one easy step:

Just do what the New York Times did: make up a story about how America was founded by people with one main interest: Find a place where they could have slaves.

Historians all over the country called BS. That didn’t matter to the folks at Columbia University, who gave this fairy tale the highest award in Journalism, the Pulitzer.

All this and more in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

A year ago we told you the story of a two fellas attacking and killing a 59-year old white dude at the Fredricksburg fair in Maryland.

Broad daylight.

All because the fellas demanded the old dude give them $1, and he declined to do so.

At the time of the murder, local officials lined up to tell us how they were going to prosecute these teens as adults. And how they were going to get tough on crime — at last.

A few days ago, one of the fellas was sentenced. And there is no prison or jail in sight.

Crime truly is the new black entitlement on this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Now let us praise America’s mot valuable — endangered — species: The black jogger.

The new York Times, NPR and Runners World all agree: White people are roaming the country attacking black joggers for no reason other than racism.

But here’s the weird thing: In all of the stories of black joggers under attack, not one gives a story of an actual black jogger (without Timberland boots)) that was attacked by white people.

While all week we have reminded people of all the stories we have done on the Fellas attacking white joggers form robbery, rape and/or even murder.

The Greatest Lie of Our Generation grows and grows.