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Hi Colin,

I was at the Indianapolis Zoo yesterday with my three children. Ages, 7, 2 and 6 months. A child about 10 years old of African American descent was running by and knocked my 2 year old son down.

I asked her to stop and she did it again. I asked her to get her mother so I could talk to her. She told me no. A few moments later a woman who identified herself as her mother came over with 2 other women.

They poked me in the chest, got in my face grabbed my son by the arm and cornered us by a building. Other people were gathering around us. I asked them to call security. (It took security about 10 minutes to arrive). During that time they called me a white “B”.

The 10 year old’s mother said she had something in her purse to take care of me. I was scared to death for the safety of my children. When security finally arrived they were escorted off property but nothing else was done.

I was warned by security that it was a good thing I didn’t call them the “N” word because that might be considered a racially motivated hate crime. It is ok I guess for them to call me a white “B” though.

They said that during that time of the day and day of the week more inner city families bring their kids to the zoo and just let them run around. To be sure I will never bring my kids back to the zoo. I hope and pray no other family has to be put through this. A really scary experience.

Date of experience: June 2014


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