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Andrew Yang wants to be the Democratic nominee for president. So he goes on the Joe Rogan podcast and creates instant buzz with his proposal to give everyone $1000 a month.

A few days later Yang has an epiphany: White people are going to start attacking Asian people, killing them, putting them in concentration camps, etc. etc. etc.

Yang is Asian. He should know better: He should know that Asians are targets for black violence every day in America.

All over the country. And we document it every day as well.

So this podcast is  a reminder.

And let’s not forget the Baltimore State’s attorney who turned the Baltimore riots into a civil “uprising.”

She back, this time on NPR to remind us how black people are victims of white racism.

And that is why Baltimore is so dangerous.

Buckle up for this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Letter from a Father


We moved to a large southern city three years ago and it’s so different than where we came from. 

We have large family of school age children and they are in private school because the public schools are a nightmare. 

My wife actually taught kindergarten at a local public school and is not going back after the summer which is unbelievable for her. 

She’s always loved teaching but nursing seems less threatening now. Her kids at school are almost all from black families and they were typically out of control which she was prepared for. 

Several of them are also abused by their parents/siblings/live in boyfriend/girlfriends regularly. The process for reporting abuse is ineffective at best. 

DHS often shows up several days after the report is filed and the bruises have faded. They don’t allow pictures to be admitted for some reason so the cycle continues. Sometimes her parents just keep the kids out of school until the bruises fade but their siblings tell the teachers.
She was sort of ready for that too. 

What she wasn’t ready for, and what shocked her was how inept the administrators are at dealing with these kids. No suspensions, no expulsions, no real discipline of any kind. 

It seems like they (the admins) have almost no interest in the children learning reading, writing, and math. They (the admin. team) focus on “narrative” or “diversity” while the kids can’t read. 

They have to spend one hour a day teaching this to the kids. All the teachers had to read and discuss a book called “Undocumented” and, as a group, talk about white privilege and how to prepare their kids for encountering it. 
They do this at a meeting once a month. 

Most of the teachers and all of the administrators are openly hostile to anything Christian, white, or republican. The president is derided and mocked in their staff meetings openly. 

What’s amazing is the teachers also complain that their kids don’t respect authority and seem to miss the connection between their own behavior towards authority and that of their children. 

Sorry for the rant but my wife feels like she has to keep her head down and her mouth shut. It’s damn frustrating. Neither of us realized how leftwing the educations system is here from the top down. 

My question actually has to do with the “mean black kids” my daughters are encountering at their school. Their school offers almost 100% scholarships to families in its neighborhood who can’t afford to send their kids to a private school. Great intentions!

All are black and many are super aggressive, especially towards the white kids (it seems). I’m worried a.) about my children’s safety and b). about their increasingly negative perception of black people. Our oldest is in 8th grade (14 years old) and our youngest is in Kindergarten. 

Sidenote: I went to live with my dad when I was younger and attended a rough city school. I knew nothing of racial tension and had never experienced it in the small town I had grown up in. About a year into my time with dad I was assaulted by a black gang at school in 7th grade and was beat pretty severely. I say “gang” but it actually was a fight between one black and me that turned into a group beatdown. 

I transferred back to my small country school the next year- I had never experienced that kind of racism. They kept laughing about beating the white  *ss. 

While I try to work through some of the issues that incident stored up in me I don’t have much patience for my children being targeted. 

Does any of that make sense? Is there a solution besides just avoiding black people? Many of them seem angry and aggressive here. 

Thanks for your time and allowing me to reach out.

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Letter from Joe Friday, San Francisco Version


I just read the latest commentary by ‘Joe Friday’ on WGBAL. He recalls how a young black mother kept calling her toddler kid a ‘nigger’ but he just kept wandering off. It reminded me of a documentary from 1967 called ‘The Tenement’ (it’s on YouTube, about 90 minutes), about an apartment building occupied by blacks in Chicago.

It’s totally depressing but a true window into the mind of blacks then and now: they live however their circumstances are and make no attempt at improvement.

Anyway, near the end of the documentary some of the black kids are in kindergarten and a black teacher laments, ‘I have more and more children each year that do not know their names. They cannot respond when called by their first name simply because they’ve only heard a nickname. . . I have to start teaching in kindergarten what should have been taught four years ago‘.

Joe Friday probably encountered a lovely lady who too never calls her offspring by their given names.

It’s as true now as ever. I used to be a reserve police officer in San Francisco, and even though our black population is at 6% they are easily responsible for 70% of the Part 1 (violent) crime here in town, and 70% of the burglaries and robberies.

The females always flash rob Victoria’s Secret, Sunglass Hut, and similar stores that sell purses and such. The slight, 20-something Asian sales lady is no match for these thieves who will inflict a spontaneous beatdown. Same goes for the laptop/cell phone/tablet robberies where a car stops outside a Starbucks, out jumps a large black female who beats a White or Asian female holding said device and makes off with it.

I would have conversations with people who genuinely believed that I was exaggerating the black crime rate when I told them they could see for themselves. My advice? Buy a scanner that monitors police radio frequencies. They’re everywhere and even free online, monitoring police departments all over the country like on or similar.

Listen, and you will hear dispatchers and cops talking about crimes that were reported by victims and witnesses. Of course all I got were angry glares and rolling eyes, but so what. 

A New York State Senator says schools are too dangerous and parents are leaving. And he blames it on policies that excuse bad black behavior as a symptom of white racism.

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The story of the last straw:


I was working the Judge Task Force.  We were assigned to assist patrol assets with a saturation presence at the south jetty of mission beach. I’m sure you’ve been there many times. There is only one way in and one way out to the large parking lot there at the end of the boardwalk.

The gang member fellas and their lovely ladies (who were almost all active duty Navy as well) would take over the parking lot every weekend at about dusk.   *Spoiler alert* nearly every time, the gathering would end in a shooting. San Diego PD decided to flood the parking lot and to stop every car coming in for any vehicle code violation and to issue cites in an attempt to dissuade the gathering.

Back then, if you had a suspended license, we could tow your car and keep it for a 30 day punitive impound (awesome program). Anyway, I stopped a female driver for no front plate and I could see she had three unrestrained toddler-aged kids in the car. I pull her over and begin to suffer through the obligatory “you only stopped me because I’m black” routine that I am all too used to as I’m writing her ticket. I find out that her license is suspended so I’m going to tow the car.

I’ll never forget as she was unloading her personal belongings, her toddlers began to dangerously wander into parking lot traffic. She said something to the effect of, “D’quan.  Get yo ass over here an hole yo sista hand”. D’quan was about 3 years old and continued to wander off. The woman continued berating me and saw that D’quan kept wandering off. She then exclaimed, and I quote, “Ni&&$!  Getcho motherfu$&in’ ass over here and hold yo sista hand”.

I was blown away. She said that to a toddler!  I could only imagine what went on in the home. True story.

Joe Friday

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Letter from Joe Friday

Hi Colin.
The nature of the cop biz forces so many stories out of your head, I’ve truly forgotten more than I remember.   
As a back story, I grew up in a small town in Southern California near San Diego. Through high school, I had close to zero “fella exposure”.  My first taste came when I got hired by a local law enforcement agency.   My job was running around serving eviction notices to fellas. Trial by fire for sure.   
I was hired by a PD in 1993 while I was still  21.   To say I was naive is the understatement of the century.   Now that you have the back story, I’ll tell you a couple of my most memorable experiences.  
It was summer in the early 90’s.   I had just graduated the academy and was now in training on graveyards.   My very first call as a rookie 22 year old patrolman:
“… (robbery) in progress at the 7-Eleven.  (It was the one on J street).  Suspects are four BMAs (black male adults) with shotguns.   I hauled ass to the call like a rookie does.   When I got there, I met with the clerk, a 65-70 year old man.   He was bleeding profusely from the top of his head. He told us he had been robbed by four fellas who then konked him over the head.  
I will never forget the video tape.  Crystal clear.   Four parolee sized fellas in matching purple sweat suits (not kidding).  They all had full-size hunting shotguns.   Now, remember, I have zero real life experience. I watched as the clerk emptied the till of about $150 (that’s about all they ever get). I’ll never forget the old man with his hands in the air with four shotguns pointed at him.   
He complies and gives them the money.  After taking the money, one of the fellas reaches over and hits him over the head with the barrel of the gun. I remember saying to myself, “why did they hit him after they got the money?”   I’ll never forget that one.  Little did I know that hitting the clerk after getting the money was an exclusively fella-behavior. I remember later that year, the same crew hit the La Quinta hotel.   Pregnant lady gave up the money.   Konked over the head.  Standard.
Another one that changed me forever:   I’m probably 24 or so.  An elderly WWII gentleman called 911. A “hot prowl” burglary (burglary when the people are home) had just occurred.   I go to the call and met with this frail elderly man while the paramedics tended to his wife.  I’ll never forget what he said to me.  
 He said, “well, I woke up and came into the kitchen to get milk and cookies like I do when I can’t sleep.   I saw candle wax all over the floor so I knew something was wrong. (The fella lit a candle in the house to see where he was going).  I went to check on my wife (they slept in different rooms as many elderly couples do).   
He interrupted the fella raping his elderly wife.  As a 24 year old “boy” I remember having to ask this sobbing, elderly woman in the presence of her veteran husband, “ma’am, do you know if the suspect ejaculated?”  
I was never so blown away by complete savagery.   Completely defenseless people.   Savagely attacked.   I simply cannot and will never understand how someone can even think of that crime, let alone carry it out.  True story.   Has stayed with me for over 20 years.  
Ok, one more quick one.   I remember I was on patrol on daywatch.   I stopped a fella in a car in the ‘hood.   I was leaning into the car watching his hands and getting his information.  After about 45-60 seconds, I swear to god I looked up and no fewer than 20-25 fellas, all 20-30 years old, had gathered in the lawn in front of the apartment complex to watch what I was doing.  
I remember looking at them and going, “holy sh*t.   They must all have the same day off!”   That’s been a family joke for many years.   It was a true trial by fire.   
I’ll send more soon.
Joe Friday

Great new column from Ilana Mercer: A reminder that what conservatives call “identity politics” is really something much more sinister: Anti-white vitriol.

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Letter from a White School Girl in Alabama


Hey there Colin.


Attending a majority black school was a surreal experience.


Not even my white teachers came to my defense when I was bullied and harassed by jealous, nasty, vicious black girls. Kindergarten through 3rd grade wasn’t too terrible since teenage hormones hadn’t kicked in yet.


The thing about black kids is that they are not that much different than white kids until puberty hits. Something about puberty transforms them into unrecognizable animals. One year they’re adorable doe-eyed dolls, then a couple years later their hormones transform them into wild-eyed zoo animals rioting in the halls on dill pickle day (yes, we actually had a dill pickle vendor at our school) and getting pregnant in the bathrooms.


Once we reached 4th grade the school had to start separating the black and white kids into different classrooms (ironic for an integrated school) in order to protect the white kids from the out of control and violent black students. By this time I had only black teachers and had to learn by reading my textbooks in class since they didn’t bother with teaching.


4th grade may seem early for puberty, but one of the hush-hush facts of African biology is that they hit puberty much earlier than Caucasians and Asians. They also have a shorter gestation period in the womb. 39 weeks compared to 40 weeks for Caucasians and Asians.


The black classrooms were on the opposite side of the hall from the majority white classes. There were some well-behaved black students in our classes too, but they were less than a third of the entire classroom and all of them were females. There was a constant roaring sound coming from the opposite side of the hall which made it difficult for us to concentrate in class.


The closest comparison I can think of is an intense football game, but it was much eerier than that. Undifferentiated yells, shrieks, howls and whooping mixed in with the clanking of wood and metal from thrown chairs, overturned desks, pure anarchy. The roar would tend to escalate towards the end of the day and grow so loud that even my black teachers had fearful facial expressions.


It seemed at any moment containment would be breached and the black classrooms would explode out into the hallways, and sometimes they did. It was an incredibly stressful and cortisol-inducing environment for black students, white students, and teachers alike.


On a parting note, I’ve always thought an anthology of non-fiction short stories detailing the experiences of white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. students in black schools is a much needed narrative lacking in our culture. Our voices deserve representation. In addition to being fascinating and informative, it would also be cathartic for those of us who had to live through it. Maybe that’s a project you’d be willing to spearhead this invaluable historical document.


Thanks again, Colin. The world needs you.



Good lord, how did the normally rational people at CPAC fall for the swamp land Van Jones is selling as prime real estate? Will no one question him about the tissue thin gauze surrounding what he calls Criminal Justice Reform, but what we call the greatest hoax of our lifetime.

In Oakland, a carful of fellas saw the crew in town for a story. They pulled over, pulled out a gun and started the robbery. Easy peasy right? They did not know about the security guard with a gun. They found out.