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New podcast from Colin Flaherty.

White poeple are wrecking baseball, says a Chicago newspaper.

This is the same paper that on the same day runs an article about 500 “teenagers” rampaging through the Magnificent Mile and pretending the fact they are black has nothing to do with anything.

Including the fact that large scale black mob violence there is a regular feature of life.

Another podcast on denial, deceit and delusion from Colin Flaherty.

Letter from Boston

April 29, 2019 — Leave a comment

Letter from Boston


I’ll take you back to the late 80s, early 90s in Boston. 1988 I was 12 years old, at this point I was already becoming accustomed to a weekly rat packing at the hands of 3-5 black teenage males…but on this day I was in for the worst beating to date.

I was cutting through Wainwright park to get to the redline station ‘shawmut’. On my way to the station, it was a beautiful day in the start of summer in Boston, so everyone was out…all stoops full. It started the way it always started. One would approach me, close to my age and the rest would swarm in to surround me. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by 10-12 late teenage black males. That  number quickly doubled as the stoops cleared out to start the oncoming beating.

I heard the typical insults and questions…”whatchu doing around here whiteboy”. But on this day, the triple decker porches were also all full, from the porches came female voices screaming “f*ck the devil up” “f*ck that white boy” etc. I’ll never forget the first punch that set this beating off.

I’d say he was early 20s. I saw him take his shirt off and speed walk in my direction. I knew it was coming and there was no way to get out of this. He stepped up on to the curb an gave me an overhand right, that immediately after, I was being punched and kicked from every direction. After maybe 20-30 seconds of that, someone knocked me off my feet.

This is were it turned ugly… I was having my head punted off a brick wall, maybe 5,6 of those punts. I have absolutely no idea what adrenaline entered my body, but I was shockingly able to stand up run and swing. I ran maybe 20 yards before I was kicked in the ribs and knocked back off my feet right at the entrance to the train. Somehow I managed to get in the train station jump the turnstile and end up on a bench at the platform.

Long story short, I ended up with a handful of broken ribs, the bones in my face had splintered behind my nose and into my ear canal, to this day my right ear and right nostril don’t function. The bones in my nasal and ear canal restrict full breathing and hearing.

I kept it brief for you. But again, this was only one of maybe 100 or so times I dealt with this in my early years in Boston.

Thanks for the outlet. I appreciate you


Bringing down the crime rate is the easiest thing in the world: Just stopping taking police reports and stop arresting people.

In the San Francisco Bay area, police are actively discouraging crime victims from filing reports. And people who run BART could not be happier: Their system looks a lot safer than it really is.

Anyone remember the Holy Grail of denial, deceit and delusion?

Where the people who run BART admitted in a memo they don’t release videos of crime on BART because that would reinforce negative stereotypes about black people.

Who are, of course, responsible for overwhelming majority of crime on that mass transit system. No matter how hard the makers of the movie Fruitvale Station try to convince us otherwise.

Oh yeah, we got a lot to talk about on this new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Big riot in Chicago.  Everyone knows 500 fellas and lovely ladies were creating the violence at the Magnificent Mile. Everyone except the reporters.

Who tell us that riots in Chicago among people of an undetermined race are now a regular feature of life there.

And let’s not pick on them.

Yes, they said that.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Another black mass murderer we never heard of. This time in Kansas City. Just one more in the long and recent list of black mass shooters who reporters and public officials are trying to convince us do not really exist.

The director of the FBI tells congress that white nationalists surpremacists or whatever you want to call them are roaming the countryside attacking black people.

and it is happening more and more.

you know, just like Jussie said.

And just as true.

Fact: white people are victims of black violence.

That is the trend chief. Not vice versa.

A new podcast with some new examples.

The tsunami of black violence and denial often overwhelms our ability to describe it.

The violence and denial in schols, streets, courts is just growing to the point where we have to ask ourselves, ‘can we do more?’

We have to.

So let’s take a look at some recent examples from Des Moines, Racine and Atlanta. And look at least one place where school officials are not letting themselves be bullied by phony baloney stories of white racism.

And let’s talk about the next level for us.

The violence and denial in schols, streets, courts is just growing to the point where we have to ask ourselves, ‘can we do more?’

All in one itty bitty new podcast from Colin Flaherty

I’ve never been a Biden basher. My family has known him for way too long for that. Even so, when Joe gives a speech about rape and violence against women being part of “white culture,” it’s time for some tough love. And some concrete reminders in this country about who is violent against women. And who is not.

I’ve never been a Biden basher. My family has known him for way too long for that.

Even so, when Joe gives a speech about rape and violence against women being part of “white culture,” it’s time for some tough love.

And some concrete reminders in this country about who is violent against women.

And who is not.

Letter from Buffalo

March 21, 2019 — Leave a comment

Letter from Buffalo

Hello Colin!

Let me just start by saying thank you so very much for all that you do.  Your a personal hero of mine . Your work has saved countless lives and has made the world a better place. I would love to help any way I can. I have your merch and display it proudly. 

I understand your working on a new book and would like material regarding people’s experiences with BMV.

Part 1. My introduction to black kids in school. In elementary I had an incident with a “lovely lady”. In the library she came up out of nowhere and slapped me in the face 3 times. I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. I’ve never experienced anything like it and I was taught not to hit a woman. Years later she ended up stabbing me in the ass with a needle while I was walking up the stairs.

Later in elementary a black boy started a fight with my friend. He grabbed my friend and threw him. His head hit a cement wall. My friend, being in a daze got up and combed his hair! lol. He was out of school with a concussion for a few days.

My other friend was slammed into the auditorium chairs unprovoked. A miracle he didn’t break his back.

Part 2. High school.  Long story abbreviated, tons of argy bargy. I was jumped, my cousin Kenny was jumped, I was robbed at knifepoint, I had and m-80 thrown at me that exploded at my feet and made me deaf for a day. I was threatened, intimidated etc.

One white kid was punched in the face every day on the bus. Police called to the school and followed the school bus home on a daily basis.

Part 3. In the hood. I was walking home and 4 fellas got out of the car and started chasing after me until a pitbull came out of nowhere and scared them off. I was riding my bike and 20 to 30 fellas came out of the wood work and started chasing me. They threw a board at me and hit me in the elbow.

Driving to work I was stopped at a red light and a fella jumped into my car and demanded $ . I had no cash so he got away with my ring.

Yes there is more like the time my brother had his tooth knocked out or when the teacher got choked out in the lunch room , or when the fellas threw chicken bones thru my open car window at me or when I’m driving to work and my car is getting pelted with bbs and the countless fights I got into to defend myself.

Also when the fellas tried robbing a car from next door to my buddies and we chased them away but not until after they hit my buddy with car then they came back with a gun the next day. My buddy punched the guys with the gun and they took off thank God. …just sayin I’ve had my fair share.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!  

Andrew Yang wants to be the Democratic nominee for president. So he goes on the Joe Rogan podcast and creates instant buzz with his proposal to give everyone $1000 a month.

A few days later Yang has an epiphany: White people are going to start attacking Asian people, killing them, putting them in concentration camps, etc. etc. etc.

Yang is Asian. He should know better: He should know that Asians are targets for black violence every day in America.

All over the country. And we document it every day as well.

So this podcast is  a reminder.

And let’s not forget the Baltimore State’s attorney who turned the Baltimore riots into a civil “uprising.”

She back, this time on NPR to remind us how black people are victims of white racism.

And that is why Baltimore is so dangerous.

Buckle up for this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.