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It’s crazy season: 20 people running for President are telling us daily that white nationalists are roaming the country attacking black people. And then they explain what they are going to do to cure this fictitious problem.

Time for a reality check: The opposite is true — black violence is wildly our of proportion. And here are some recent examples from the ti of the iceberg.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.


Bringing down the crime rate is the easiest thing in the world: Just stopping taking police reports and stop arresting people.

In the San Francisco Bay area, police are actively discouraging crime victims from filing reports. And people who run BART could not be happier: Their system looks a lot safer than it really is.

Anyone remember the Holy Grail of denial, deceit and delusion?

Where the people who run BART admitted in a memo they don’t release videos of crime on BART because that would reinforce negative stereotypes about black people.

Who are, of course, responsible for overwhelming majority of crime on that mass transit system. No matter how hard the makers of the movie Fruitvale Station try to convince us otherwise.

Oh yeah, we got a lot to talk about on this new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Reporters in Philadelphia are stumped by a case of black on white violence in its purist form: The Knockout Game.

So let’s help her out on this podcast.

Big riot in Chicago.  Everyone knows 500 fellas and lovely ladies were creating the violence at the Magnificent Mile. Everyone except the reporters.

Who tell us that riots in Chicago among people of an undetermined race are now a regular feature of life there.

And let’s not pick on them.

Yes, they said that.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Another black mass murderer we never heard of. This time in Kansas City. Just one more in the long and recent list of black mass shooters who reporters and public officials are trying to convince us do not really exist.

Vice news outlet says white people are roaming the countryside killing black people in Revenge for our mistaken belief that black crime is wildly out of proportion.

They even have a name for it: Liam Neeson syndrome: White people innately want to kill black people.

Get your milk and cookies, because it is fairy tale time.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The director of the FBI tells congress that white nationalists surpremacists or whatever you want to call them are roaming the countryside attacking black people.

and it is happening more and more.

you know, just like Jussie said.

And just as true.

Fact: white people are victims of black violence.

That is the trend chief. Not vice versa.

A new podcast with some new examples.


For the first time ever, anywhere, a person was fined $10,000 for being the VICTIM of a hate crime.

Yes, thet is what Jussie wants us to believe. As does the DA in Chicago.

Let’s take a look at Jusse’s story, but put it in the context of other examples of black privilege in criminal justice, especially when black people vote to acquit guilty black defendants, i.e. Bronx juries.

Advance copy of Wedesday’s podcast available now.

New podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The Times is on overdrive with denial, deceit and delusion.

First story, they do a roundup of how crazy white people are imagining that black people are planning and celebrating racial replacement.

One small problem with their story: The NYT is a major source of the phenomenon that the same NYT says does not exist.

Some reality is so urgent so real that not even the new york times can be in denial, deceit and delusion about it.

That’s what happened recently when the Times reported black women are raped more often and often do not report it.

They do not want to turn a fella over to the racist police.

Now that is insane. So let’s get  to the podcast.

Who will save the next victim from reporters and public officials in denial, deceit and delusion.