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Barnard students are demanding justice. Not for their fellow student who was murdered in a Harlem park. But for the black people who are victims of racism which somehow is the real root of this murder.

Another newspaper offers epic excuses for black violence in Baltimore. This time the Inner Harbor. And after 28 years, a Soros DA in Philly has sprung a guy convicted of killing three people.

Chicago cops are losing patience with Chicago liberals who vote for anti-cop politicians one day, then beg cops for help the next.

Publicly, Chicago cops tell the rich people who live in the clouds in Magnificent Mile that things are getting better. Crime is going down. They have a handle on the frequent and dangerous episodes of black mob violence that is constantly plaguing residents, business owners and tourists there.

Privately, they are annoyed. They know that most of the people who live on the Magnificent Mile voted for the liberals who refuse to arrest Fellas committing violent crimes.


When racial violence happens, experts disappear. This is a podcast published Wednesday January 22, 2020

The NFL is now the largest anti-cop organization in America.  They and their players are spending almost $100 million on a public campaign to support Criminal Justice Reform and defame cops.  Lots of people are starting to notice.

Black violence. White suicide. A minister abandons her son to the violence of the black mob. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

A city councilman wants to kick the cops out of Cleveland. Why? They might catch some criminals. Next step: Rocks and Bricks and Bottles? A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Story of the Century: OK, story of the Day — SHOOTOUT AT CLUB OBAMA! A black motorcycle club called Black Presidents that features a picture of President Obama as part of their gang logo has a huge shootout at the Obama clubhouse.

Can they both lose? That is the first reaction many of us had when we saw Social Justice Fella accuse a YouTube exec of racism because the YouTube big shot did not want the fella to trespass in his apartment building. A familiar story. But it turns out there is a lot more to the story. None of it good for YouTube. So let’s get busy with that on a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

English TV figures it all out: White racism is so prevalent it just takes too much energy to explain it. And other fairy tales.

Everybody knows poverty causes The Fellas to do all sorts of bad things wildly out of proportion: Including black on white murder. How about a case where a Fellas has too much money? Turns out that causes black on white murder too.