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Way too many people are way too nice to Good OL Colin, except for the black elected official in Washington DC who does not like it when I call him out for black crime, violence and denial. a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Biden and his band of dwarves just cannot talk enough about black victimization and white racism. But they never talk about recent stories, like the one in New York, where a large group of fellas attack cops and put five of them in the hospital. Oh yeah, we talk about it on this podcast.

Bill Clintons favorite novelist recent quit the new Star Trek reboot because Human Resources did not it the fact the he was dropping N-Bombs. Now, he tells us he is a free speech advocate and lots of conservatives are biting on his fairy tale, hook, line and sinker. So lets tell the truth about Walter Mosley, a black writer, fully down with the cause.

So a San Francisco artist makes a video called “Why don’t we murder more white people.”

It features lots of non-white people complaining about white people to the point where they contemplate killing a lot more of them.

All courtesy of the taxpayer, of course, the film and exhibit that is.

But let’s stay the obvious: Black on white murder is a thing.

White on black murder IS NOT.

So let’s review a few audio clips of this gaslight movie, and then present several clips from recent Black on White murders of the worst kind.


yeah, its really really bad.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

The craziest thing about our podcast is that sometimes they can sound the same.

When they are not.

It’s just the same fellas doing the same thing over and over and over and while reporters and public officials try to pretend they see nothing.

Today we start with a letter from an aspiring teacher. And two recent riots where fellas hurt teachers. 

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The Philly cop shooting just keeps getting crazier. First six cops shot by a fella who should have been in prison. Then, we learn a crowd taunted and attacked the police. Then the US Attorney got involved, blasting the cop hating, Soros-approved District Attorney. Then it happened again the next day: Another mass shooting. This time 5 people. Whew! And because this is Friday, our book of the week is River God by Wilbur Smith. A novel of Ancient Egypt. Get it here: And just because we can, let’s throw in another Letter from a Cop.

From the silly to the insane, reporters let the fellas get away with anything and everything UNCHALLENGED. Every day.

Today we present two particularly crazy stories. Stories we could do all day every day.

And, NPR tries to convince us that it is not black people practicing racial identity politics, but white people. And how do we know: Because the more they deny it, the guiltier they are.


A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The one thing big bad Colin is death afraid of: The tsunami of stories of large scale black mob violence EVERY DAY.

And why.

All that in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty

The one thing big bad Colin is death afraid of: The tsunami of stories of large scale black mob violence EVERY DAY. And why. All that in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty

When the New York Times and NPR etc. tell us we have not really discussed slavery in America before today, lots of people know that is a lie.

And they point to Alex Haley’s book and mini-series, Roots.

But there is a lot to Roots that reverberates today. But too many people forget how much work was done to expose that incredibly influential book and movie as one big fat LIE.

So let’s remember that.

And let’s remember how on the streets of Philadelphia, black on white hate and hostility is just an every day thing.

All this and more in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

There’s only one reason why someone would spread the fairy tale that most mass shooters are white:  

They want to spread the greatest lie of our generation: White racism. Black victimization. 

We don’t play that game here. We expose that game with recent examples EVERY WEEK of black mass shooters and how that is wildly out of proportion.

Also, our book of the week is another of my favorites from Steven Pressfield: Gates of Fire. A story about the 300 Spartans at Thermopalae.

You can get it here

Let me know how you like it.

Detroit is in a tizzy: Some neighborly person posted a note on the property of his SJW neighbor telling him he should watch some videos from that cool dude Colin Flaherty.



Good time to remind us all of the anti-white vitriol that is now a staple of the main stream press.

And the violence and murder these same people are so desperate to be in denial deceit and delusion about.

All this and more in a new PODCAST.