A new poster child for denial of black mob violence.

October 11, 2013 — 19 Comments

Black mob violence and denial have a new poster boy: Ray Widstrand of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Earlier this year, Widstrand moved into a black neighborhood. Soon after, he took an evening stroll and, after meeting some of his new neighbors, he found himself in the hospital — the victim of a vicious beating at the hands of a large black mob. Widstrand suffered broken bones, a fractured skull and permanent brain injuries.

Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him

Widstrand said he forgives them. Even though not one of his alleged assailants is asking for forgiveness.

Widstrand says his attackers were just some kids lashing out. And he was a kid once and he did the same thing, so let’s all just get along.


This same drama played out last year in a Chicago court room. A California college girl was arrested at the airport, then released into the deepest and most dangerous ghetto in Chicago.

A black part of Chicago.


Soon after her release, she was attacked and thrown out of a seven-story window.  Her family sued. During the trial, a Harvard professor testified that if a white person walks through a black neighborhood, people can reasonably expect some very unreasonable violence to be visited on that person.

The professor called it Routine Activities Theory: R.A.T.

The judge explained R.A.T. by saying the victim “was a white female in a predominantly black, poor neighborhood (and) she had a much higher risk of predatoryvictimization.”

‘White and black don’t mix’

Judge Frank Easterbrook went on: “She was lost, unable to appreciate her danger and dressed in a manner to attract attention. She is white and well-off while the local population is predominantly black and not affluent, causing her to stand out as a person unfamiliar with the environment and, thus, a potential target for crime.”

The city said R.A.T. was thinly disguised racial profiling and had no business at trial. But at the trial, R.A.T and race were everywhere – no matter how hard the city worked to keep it out. No matter how dedicated local media were to ignoring it.

Easterbrook saidthe situation was so transparently dangerous that Chicago police “might as well have released her into the lions’ den at the Brookfield Zoo.”

The City of Chicago settled for $22.5 million.

Prabhjot Singh had a similar experience in September in Harlem. Singh is a doctor who lives and works there. He too was out for a stroll. He too was beaten, left with a broken jaw and missing teeth when he ran into some of his neighbors.

He too told local reporters he forgave his assailants. Though there is not one sign that any of his attackers is asking for it.

Black mob thrashes white doctor, screams ‘Get Osama!’

Marlin Newburn says their forgiveness is really just a mask for denial. Newburn was a prison and law enforcement psychologist for more than 30 years. He says this fake forgiveness may be placing more people in danger because it allows the media to ignore racial violence. Says Newburn:

When talking about crime victims who have been naïve or otherwise ignorant of dangerous environments, forgiveness also appears to be a knee-jerk response to not just the physical assault, but the traumatic destruction of an ideal the victim may have harbored regarding their assailants,” Newburn said.

“In the case of black mob assaults, victims often believed the supposed put-upon black race need only to be understood and seen as social victims, and a blanket acceptance of all blacks do in life is part of being a good person.

“Prior to being assaulted, many of the victims who I’ve talked with over the years had harbored a sense of nobility and even adolescent invincibility since they had convinced themselves that that their “higher value system” exempted them from social dangers to include physical harm.


After the assault, that belief is destroyed, and something has to replace it quickly for emotional stability, hence, instant forgiveness.

Newburn says some people are too eager to be nice. There is a name for that:

“I just read this victim’s comments to reporters and saw straightaway he is a classic “masochist altruist, non-psychotic”. These people have a need to suffer or “be the victim” in order to assuage feelings of low self-worth, jealousy, envy, anger and/or overall feelings of inadequacy. They have a terrible time experiencing pleasure or joy of any kind.”

Some say that attitude reflects a “blame the victim” mentality. Others say telling the truth may save the next victim.

Widstrand requires assistance with every phase of his life now. He wears a helmet to protect his fractured skull. Singh is back at work as a doctor in Harlem, his jaw wired shut.

The attacks on Widstrand and Singh are part of an epidemic of black mob violence documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

The day after Widstrand told reporters he was forgiving his assailants, a car of at least four black people pulled up to woman talking on her iPhone on a St. Paul street. KTSP picks up the story:

Three other men got out of the vehicle and one of them pulled her by the hair to the sidewalk, pushed her to the ground, pulled her pants down and then urinated on her, the criminal complaint states. The woman reported she thought she was going to get raped. She heard one man say, “Mitch you took that white b****’s phone.”

Continuing a long tradition, neither of major local papers identified the alleged urinating assailants as black. The only local TV or radio station to do so was KTSP.

No word yet if the woman forgives her wig-wearing attackers for this public humiliation. Widstrand and Singh, however, said they plan to continue living in the neighborhoods where they were attacked, R.A.T., or no R.A.T.



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These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
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lokiswife says:

Colin, I read your column, I just hope that someday you won’t have to write this column, that common sense will come back, the little thugs will get their butts kicked, and the media will quit burying these stories or whiffling them off as “just a teenage scuffle” or “a few teens misbehaving”.
My favorite survival guide is called “The Gift of Fear, Survival Signals That Protect us From Violence” by Gavin de Becker. Gavin is an expert on predicting violent behavior who teaches you to respect the “gut feelings” about a situation that is telling you to get away or take action to protect yourself. After talking to victims of many violent situations, he found out that most of them had a gut feeling to get away, or stay away but they ignored it. This is definitely a worthwhile skill today…as long as this black violence runs rampant and uncontrolled.

thanks … i’ll post a link to the book at the home page ..

lokiswife says:

I have been recommending it to female family members and friends for a long time. Most women are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, so they don’t listen to those gut warnings that tell them to get away or that a person isn’t what or who they think. Today even more they need to listen and know when to escape! (It’s worth reading for men, too).

1proactive2 says:

That is one of the huge gifts I learned in Vietnam as a grunt in the bush. That “gut feeling” saved my life many, many times as it did with many of my buddies.

After my military service I lived in one of Detroit’s worst neighborhoods near the university I attended, and that “hunch” paid dividends in survival there. Back then blacks would only try to beat you into unconsciousness and then rob you. Out of 4 years there I was jumped only twice, not by individual blacks – two then three respectively, but my military training saved my backside on both occasions. I walked away and they didn’t.

Fear can be a great gift if you accept it as such.

laura says:

is there a way i can email this artical to someone? without mailing the whole site? thatis a feature i wish you had.

DavidSNESGAMER says:

Laura: Just go to the individual page, copy its URL (in this case, http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/a-new-poster-child-for-denial-of-black-mob-violence/) and paste it in the e-mail. Does that not work, for some reason?

Regarding the topic of this post: I agree that “forgiveness” here is just this brainwashed fool trying to avoid being called racist. He’d rather be murdered than be called racist for hating blacks who crushed his skull.

However, for the devout Christians (and others) who truly do value forgiveness, remember that forgiveness depends upon penance. The perpetrators must sincerely repent for their sins before being granted salvation. These savage animals can’t even grasp the notion of “repentance”, let alone sincerely express it.

Granting forgiveness without penance is a lie.

laura says:

thankyou but i have no skills & dont know how to cut/paste. about the artical: i have know people like the victim. they are so masocistic that they enjoy this stuff in some sick way. its thier party, not ours. they also identify w/the criminal.

DavidSNESGAMER says:

Laura: To copy text:
(a) Highlight it (drag your mouse cursor across it and press the left mouse button),
(b) after it’s highlighted, press Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

Here, it is now temporarily saved, and you can then “paste” it any place. To paste, just

(c) press Ctrl+V

So, you can just go to the URL (the web address), highlight it, press Ctrl+C, then write an e-mail to the person, and press Ctrl+V and it will paste that text.

Let me know if you need any other tips, especially if you’re single and hot.

laura says:

thankyou but, i dont know what any of these terms mean. have no office skills or technical training. going to a cyber cafe & will have printouts made.

1proactive2 says:

Remorse is considered a weakness among street predators.

WhiskeyJunkie says:

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope 1688-1744

“Suicide should NEVER be mandatory for forgiveness.” – WhiskeyJunkie 2013

This liberal sickness infects the sectarian and the secular. They have chosen to be sacrificial lambs on the altar of political correctness.
To paraphrase Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, “Among people, there are wolves, sheepdogs, and sheep.”

These misguided and confused minds have clearly identified themselves as sheep.
These same fools, make it difficult for sheepdogs – civilian or otherwise – to protect themselves or others! They have chosen suicide – so be it.

Old Hickory says:

Mercy to the wicked is cruelty to the innocent.

I have to steal that quote.!

1proactive2 says:

So will I. Thanks, Old Hickory.

Terence Sommer says:

Thank you for keeping up to date Colin. That ‘forgiveness’ is hollow and pathetic. Granted, one would have to forgive the situation, but not the perps. What these two very sweet, gentle white people do in ‘forgiveness’ is that they endanger the rest of us. If I were him, having the media by my side, i.e. the microphone, I would not have been so forgiving and have really opened up the dialogue.
Here is something you maybe interested in. Google (or Bing) Racist White Man On DC Train – Assaults Black Woman (FULL). The title is misleading and read the comments.

laura says:

there was a savage attack against a european white woman in mexico. (several young men). she survived, almost. then she practically apologized. she was a “house sitter” near a dangerous area, up in the hills all alone. there were many crimes around there. what are people thinking? what are young women thinking? i think it needs to happen to some of these same people again & again, maybe they will get the message. maybe not. i think white folks are basically the most self hating twisted race on earth.


laura says:

colin, been in/out mexico for yrs, this is typical, especially in 2010 thru 2012. around 8 elderly expats were murdered in their homes during robberies, in a small area.-no not a border towns. in nice homes, some in gated developements. in mex, 87% of crimes are not in reported. no investigations even if they are. there is a forum & addtional crime websight which all of this is discussed/documented. this paticular incident was not in the expat paper, as it was upstaged by a murder several weeks later. (which was reported here & the US paper). will email the info, you can do a quick search. (no internet skills for cut/paste/links, sorry for that).

laura says:

ofcause these whites endanger us. they want us all to die together.